Your Android phone runs on Windows - Link to Windows - tutorial

Your Android phone is running on Windows What is the tutorial about Your Android phone running on Windows? In the video tutorial Your Android phone runs on Windows, I will show you how you can use the Windows Phone application and the Android application Your Phone Companion (the old Link To Windows), to pair your Android phone with a PC that [Read more...]

Copy phone from PC to wireless PC - ShareMe faster than USB cable

What is the Copy from Phone to Wireless PC tutorial about? In the video tutorial Copy from phone to wireless PC, you will see how you can transfer photos, videos and files from your phone, to your computer, via Wi-Fi and at a higher speed than via the USB cable. Why transfer photos, videos and files from your phone to your computer via Wi-Fi? Reasons are… [Read more...]

Nearby Share file sharing without intermediaries and WITHOUT INTERNET

Nearby Share file sharing without intermediaries What is the Nearby Share video file sharing tutorial without intermediaries about? In this tutorial, Nearby Share file sharing without intermediaries, I present the new method of transferring files from one Android device to another Android device. File transfer is done directly through… [Read more...]

Connecting to a WiFi router without password

This tutorial exemplifies the simplest method of connecting to a secure wifi router without a login password. It's that simple ... I forgot my WIFi password! This is a classic example: you have your router installed for several years and you simply forgot your wireless connection password. 1. You can reset the router, but you are not so good at networking to put it… [Read more...]

Calls and messages without GSM or WiFi, or school disaster

Calls and messages, without GSM or wifi As you know, for two phones to come into contact, we need a cellular network or wifi internet connection. But what do we do in the event of a natural disaster, when mobile networks and the Internet no longer exist? Or maybe we want to communicate with phones connected directly to school. Fortunately, there are communication solutions… [Read more...]

SyncMate Wireless, personal cloud in my PC

SyncMe Wireless, personal cloud in my PC SyncMe is an Android application that can synchronize your phone with your PC, as a kind of personal cloud storage. People keep asking me, "What is the best cloud storage?" What do we need cloud, when we can make our own personal cloud storage. That way we won't have to pay monthly subscriptions, which are not cheap at all. ... [Read more...]

Superb speed of copying files via wireless, PC - Android

SuperBeam, wireless file copy speed, PC - Android File transfer is a task we have to do all the time, especially from smartphone to PC, when the phone is loaded with pictures and videos. So far I have done several tutorials related to file transfer, from phone to phone, or from phone to PC. Some methods are better, [Read more...]

Net automatically connect PPPoE RDS on Windows 10

Automatic net connection PPPoE RDS on Windows 10 Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can automate the RDS connection (PPPoE) in the Windows 10 operating system. If in another tutorial we showed you how to make the RDS connection in the system Windows 10 operating system for those who do not have a router, today we will see how we make the operating system… [Read more...]

Syncthing, automatic synchronization of data private and secure

Syncthing, Syncthing, automatic private and secure data synchronization, for those who care about privacy Syncthing is a cross platform application (works on most operating systems), which helps us to synchronize files between several remote devices. The application is a kind of Bittorrent Sync, but more secure, because it is open source, it does not require… [Read more...]

Problems with Windows 10 and solving netul

Windows 10 is a stable operating system, but sometimes it still causes us problems, which is quite strange in 2016. We would have expected Microsoft to focus more on stability so far; But it seems that more important is the activity of collecting data from users. On my working PC, I have Windows 10 with all the updates up to date. Occasionally a… appears [Read more...]