Different IP cameras in an app on Android

Different IP cameras in an application Each surveillance camera manufacturer has its own application with which you can watch live images transmitted by that camera or those surveillance cameras. Problems arise when we have surveillance cameras from different manufacturers. Then you have to open an application for each room. The rooms of… [Read more...]

Mobile Internet, consumer applications and problem solving

Mobile Internet, application usage and problem solving Mobile Internet is not cheap and everyone knows this. Even if providers seem to offer unlimited internet, unlimited traffic or bonus traffic, it is nothing more than marketing. The truth is that mobile internet is expensive, no matter how cheap it looks in ads. At the data packages from… [Read more...]

The phone, like the camera, with Perch

The phone, like the surveillance camera, with Perch in the past I have made several tutorials related to surveillance systems, surveillance cameras, NVR and even, the use of the phone as an IP camera or webcam. Today I will present a service, which also has a phone application, which turns the latter into a real IP camera with motion ... [Read more...]

Dahua PTZ camera surveillance motorized outdoor

Surveillance cameras are of several types. We have interior rooms, baby monitor rooms, cameras with various focal lens, bullet rooms, fisheye rooms, etc. Today I will present an IP camera from Dahua, Speed ​​Dome or PTZ (pan tilt zoom). These rooms are motorized and can be oriented in any direction from a distance. They can also zoom when ... [Read more...]

iperf best software for speed testing

iPerf is probably the simplest and best tool for local or internet speed testing. I always hear people complaining about the speed of the network: "Cristi, my net is not good!" And I ask, "Are you sure it's the net? Not a problem on your local network or router!" And he asks me: But how do I know if it's from me? To test with ... [Read more...]

Antivirus wi-fi router, network security

Asus has enriched the routers overnight with a firmware update that offers some very useful new features. The new functions are security and bandwidth management. They are called: 1. AI Protection (TrendMicro security) 2. Adaptive QoS (bandwidth management) If you have not received the update, you can flash Merlin, a custom firmware for… [Read more...]

Functions, settings and image quality Hikvision IP camera

Hi friends, a few tutorials ago I presented the IP surveillance camera Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I, a camera that ultimately proved to be excellent, in fact well above my expectations at the time of purchase. Apart from the fact that this IP camera has a top sensor, it also comes with a very sharp (2.8mm-12mm) focal lens, we have some chromatic aberrations. [Read more...]

How we choose our video camera surveillance system

Hi friends, today I will tell you everything you need to know when you want to buy a camera or video surveillance system. The most important thing to know is that, the surveillance cameras are of two types, analog cameras and IP cameras (they can be connected to the Internet either or wirelessly), the latter are more modern and more versatile. So ... [Read more...]

Tracert detecting problems with network and PathPing

Today we will continue to detect problems that may occur in the network or "on the road" with the help of Tracert and Pathping. If last time we saw how the Ping command is used to solve the network problems to the provider, today we will go further and see where our bits pass and under what conditions. Trace Route, or Tracert allows us to find where we need to be… [Read more...]

How to use the Ping command to troubleshoot network

Today we will talk about the PING command, in a small utility with the CLI interface (it does not work with the mouse) available on most operating systems. It helps us detect the source of problems from a network or the Internet. As PING principle is an easy to understand command, the equivalent in human language would be: Are you there? The answer may be YES or not at all. Taking turns ... [Read more...]