Who's connected to your network? - see everything connected to the network

Who's connected to your network? In this video tutorial you will see how we can find out who was connected to the devices on our network, also we will find out the devices that are connected to the network. Find out who steals your Wi-Fi network Who's connected to your network When is it useful to find out what devices are connected to our network? When you forgot your IP ... [Read more...]

Who connects illegally on your WI-FI network

Who illegally connects to your WI-FI network The wireless signal goes through the walls of the house. When using a Wi-Fi network in the home, we must be aware that that wireless network can also be accessed by other people, neighbors or people who are nearby. Better security of the Wi-Fi network We also spoke with other occasions about security at… [Read more...]

KRACK affects ALL Wi-Fi routers - SOLUTIONS

KRACK Affects ALL Wi-Fi Routers - SOLUTIONS Krack endangers all Wi-Fi routers. What solutions do we have? What is KRACK ATTACK? KRACK is a vulnerability discovered in the WPA2 protocol, to which all routers in the world are vulnerable. How does KRACK work? The attacker who exploits the KRACK vulnerability, interposes between the router and the client (telephone,… [Read more...]

Android VPN settings with Asus router VPN server

Android VPN settings with Asus router VPN server What does VPN mean? VPN comes from the "Virtual Private Network", that is, the virtual private network - a connection that can unite in security two give more computers in security. Specifically, the VPN makes a secure tunnel between two or more computers connected to the Internet from the Internet. What does the VPN use? With the help … [Read more...]

Connecting to a WiFi router without password

This tutorial exemplifies the simplest method of connecting to a secure wifi router, without the connection password. It's so simple ... I forgot my WIFI password! This is a classic example: you have the router installed for a few years and you simply forgot your wireless connection password. 1. You can reset the router, but you are not so skilled at networking, to put it ... [Read more...]

Maximum security with Wi-Fi aka Radius server. WPA Enterprise

Maximum Wi-Fi security with Radius server Now the wireless network is ubiquitous, which is why network security without it is extremely important. Every day we expose our lives online, we make payments, we talk in private; This is why it is absolutely essential that our wifi network is secured as well as possible. Wireless network security is very weak. Security ... [Read more...]