Review router Tenda AC10 - pleasant surprises

Tender AC10 router review How did this router get to me? First of all I have to tell you that this is not a sponsored tutorial. I bought the Tenda AC10 router personally. My brother asked me a few days ago to find him a router that he can turn off at night, the button wireless. In many routers, it is possible to program the stop and start ... [Read more...]

Who connects illegally on your WI-FI network

Who illegally connects to your WI-FI network The wireless signal goes through the walls of the house. When using a Wi-Fi network in the home, we must be aware that that wireless network can also be accessed by other people, neighbors or people who are nearby. Better security of the Wi-Fi network We also spoke with other occasions about security at… [Read more...]

KRACK affects ALL Wi-Fi routers - SOLUTIONS

KRACK Affects ALL Wi-Fi Routers - SOLUTIONS Krack endangers all Wi-Fi routers. What solutions do we have? What is KRACK ATTACK? KRACK is a vulnerability discovered in the WPA2 protocol, to which all routers in the world are vulnerable. How does KRACK work? The attacker who exploits the KRACK vulnerability, interposes between the router and the client (telephone,… [Read more...]

The perfect position for a Wi-Fi router wireless home map

The perfect position for a Wi-Fi router wireless signal map in the home The perfect position for a Wi-Fi router wireless signal map in the house No matter how powerful a Wi-Fi router is, we never seem to have the perfect signal all over the house or on the terrace. The weak signal is felt when we have reinforced concrete or brick walls. [Read more...]

Replacing the modem provider with a faster router - ONT bridge profile

Replacing modem provider with a faster router. Routers from the service provider. We must recognize that routers on which the Internet service provider, TV, telephone, etc. are not of the highest quality. Replacing modem provider with a faster router. The wireless is extremely weak and on the respective routers we do not have services like: VPN, SAMBA, FTP, Media ... [Read more...]

AC PAH review Mikrotik, router top unjustly ignored

Mikrotik hAP AC is the top of the SOHO range of the Latvian network manufacturer. This wireless router does not boast of solid marketing, but it can boast of the performance and functions away from the Router OS operating system, which turns the wireless router into a true super smart router. Mikrotik hAP AC review, a top router. Design of Mikrotik PA [Read more...]

Map Lite, a router as a matchbox from Mikrotik

About a week ago I received a small package all from Mikrotik, which was such a small wireless router that I couldn't believe it. In fact they said they would send me another router, but with that they sent me this little boy, who put a smile on my face. mAP Lite is a micro access point that can also perform the function of the router, just missing the LAN outputs, in… [Read more...]

Survival in the jungle WiFi - WLAN channels

The WI-FI network is the one thing in our life that makes its presence felt when it does not go well, otherwise, if the net goes well, we did not pay attention. A working WLAN network. In order for the WI-FI network to work properly, we must comply with some rules. The wireless router must be a good one, like this Asus AC56U or this AC87U; ... [Read more...]

How to crack any password Wi-Fi, super fast using social engineering

How to crack any Wi-Fi password, using social engineering techniques. Social engineering is the technique by which individuals or groups are manipulated, in order to obtain something. The most recent scheme of social engineering is the "accident method", where the aggressor exploits the care for the victim for the loved ones, in order to obtain undue benefits aka… [Read more...]

Calls and messages without GSM or WiFi, or school disaster

Calls and messages, without GSM or wifi As you know, for two phones to get in touch, we need a cellular network or Wi-Fi internet connection. But what do we do in the event of a natural disaster, when mobile networks and the internet no longer exist? Or maybe we want to communicate with the phones connected directly to the school. Fortunately, there are communication solutions ... [Read more...]