Android DNS security with DoH and DoT - encrypt DNS requests

Android DNS Security with DoH and DoT What is the Android DNS Security with DoH and DoT tutorial about? In this video tutorial called Android DNS Security with DoH and DoT, I will show you how you can strengthen your security on Android by securing the DNS requests that your phone makes all the time. What does DNS mean and what is it used for? DNS comes from… [Read more...]

Net faster by changing DNS and blocking adult malware and content

Net faster by changing DNS What is the net video tutorial faster by changing DNS about? In the faster net tutorial by changing DNS, I will show you how, by changing the DNS you can get a faster net, you can block malware and you can block adult content. How can we get net faster? Net faster by change… [Read more...]

DIGI free domain for dynamic IP, like DynDNS

DIGI free domain for dynamic IP, as DynDNS Hello friends, in today's video we will see how we can get a free domain for public IP (dynamic) if we have a game server, an FTP server, surveillance cameras or other types of services that we want to access from anywhere in the world. Usually when… [Read more...]

Blocking children from accessing ADULT websites

Blocking children's access to Adult sites I do not want to morale on this site, which is quite technical, but I must say that a child is good to live his childhood. The duty of parents or older siblings! From my point of view, any responsible adult should be careful where his child goes on the internet, and if he can't or if he doesn't [Read more...]

DNS poisoning method commonly used by hackers

DNS poisoning is a method by which hackers give the impression that they have taken control of certain known or unknown sites. DNS is the protocol that makes the link between the domain name and the IP address, because any site in this world has one. or more IP addresses. When we type in the browser "" our computer has three options for finding the address… [Read more...]

Open DNS, speed, security and Web filtering using DNS

Today we will talk about DNS, a system that helps us replace IPs with domain names, so instead of, which is an IP, our site can be called and you do not have to keep remember that ugly IP. DNS servers store IP addresses and associated sites, so things seem much simpler and have a more personal side. How about [Read more...]

Two free DynDNS addresses with dynamic IP setting for .tk or others - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's video tutorial I will show you how to get a subdomain from DynDNS to use it with dynamic IPs from RDS, UPC or Romtelecom, also in this tutorial you will see how we can solve the problem of associating a Dynamic IP with a .tk, .ro, .com domain or anything else. In the last tutorial I promised to help you with dynamic IPs, not… [Read more...]

Where can we get a free domain? - video tutorial

Hello friends, today I will teach you how to get a free domain on the book and you will "link" it to your public IP, which your ISP has assigned to you. Most free services on the internet can provide us only the "" subdomains, we will get an "" DOMAIN. For that we don't have to pay anything, we don't even have to [Read more...]

How to make a website, part 1, domain and hosting - video tutorial

Hello friends, today we will start a series of tutorials that finally aim to create a real site, not just a second page of proof but a real site with everything it needs, these tutorials will be very detailed compared to those presented so far, so please pay close attention to what is said in the tutorial. Who really wants to make a site on a… [Read more...]

How does a free domain when you have a dynamic IP DynDNS

In this video tutorial we will talk about those who have made a site and do not want their ip to appear at the address, we will also talk about that of you who have a dynamic ip and it is quite difficult for them to make a site on this ip (Rds, Romtelecom). My friend Cristi made a video tutorial in which he referred to how to get a free subdomain from dyndns in case [Read more...]