Gimp, free photo editing software, part 2 masking layers - video tutorial

This tutorial is the second in a series of video tutorials for using the free GIMP graphic editing program. In this tutorial you will learn how to mask layers, which is essential in a graphic editing program. The mask is an image in shades of black and white attached to a layer. Areas where we have black on the mask… [Read more...]

Gimp free photo editing software part 1 installation and layers - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial I will present GIMP, a photo editing program similar to the famous Adobe Photoshop, Gimp is free compared to Photoshop which is a fairly expensive commercial software, the differences between the two can be felt only by professionals, for a home user Gimp is a very good solution for photo editing or graphics and… [Read more...]

Snagit 9 for creating image tutorials but also video tutorials - HD video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will present a program with which we can take screenshots of both video and simple image captures from the desktop, the software is called Snagit and is produced by Tech Smith which is famous for Screen Capture products (print Screen). The solution is simple to use, the interface reminiscent of office 2007 (… [Read more...]

XBMC, a free media center with which we can watch various multimedia content - HD video tutorial

In this tutorial you will see the presentation of a free Media Center that was originally created for the Xbox console, it is about XBMC (xbox media center). What is a media center? Media Center is a suite of programs designed to give the user a great multimedia experience, the user who uses a media center will no longer have to use [Read more...]

How to make an online radio station - HD video tutorial

With the passing of the internet, more and more radio stations are popping up like mushrooms after the rain, and you are probably wondering how to make such a station or how you can broadcast music through the internet. In the following to make a radio station we need 3 software needed to broadcast music on the internet. 1 Winamp (Audio player) 2 Shoutcast DSP ( [Read more...]

How to make a DVD video from various video files with Nero

In this tutorial we will present how to make a dvd video with nero, a video dvd that we can watch on a dvd player, the player must not be compatible with DviX. Many of you have a DVD player next to your computer and you may have wanted to watch movies from your computer on your DVD player, this is very simple, we need Nero Premium version… [Read more...]

Installation of TV tuner setting with hardware capture from leadtek - HD video tutorial

"" TV Tuner Using the TV / FM setup options you can limit movie capture to a certain size in MB or seconds. A TV tuner captures analog TV signals and converts them into digital format that the computer can read. This allows you to watch TV programs on your personal computer. Then high-performance TV tuners can remove the… [Read more...]

How to use a mobile phone as a webcam with wwigo - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial Luci relapses with a very interesting tutorial about using a mobile phone as a webcam. Whether we don't have a webcam or it has broken down, we have to have an alternative, this alternative is to use a mobile phone instead of a webcam, this is an idea that many of us have at least thought of… [Read more...]

Free software for video conversion any video converter free - HD video tutorial

Finally we have a free and decent video converter, there are also professional open source solutions, but for a novice user it is very difficult to use an open source conversion solution because it does not have an interface as clear and easy to use as Any Video Converter . In this video tutorial we will see in detail how to use this free software, the options are… [Read more...]

Cuda technology for parallel processing from nvidia put to work on the badaboom application - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present a new and revolutionary technology, developed by nvidia, it is cuda, parallel processing technology that makes it possible to use the video card to perform very heavy processing tasks in the system, thus raising a the huge burden on the processor's shoulders. Badaboom ™ takes a fundamentally different approach to [Read more...]