Download install and set cyberlink powerdvd a very good dvd player - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present a very good dvd player, it is a power dvd that is produced by Cyberlink. This company also produces other applications for video and audio content, but Powerdvd remains their most successful product. In this video tutorial we will inaugurate watching HD content online, for a while we will keep this tutorial… [Read more...]

How to see the satellite world with google earth - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will see some satellite images, or rather the whole globe, with the help of a free program from google called Google Earth. Google has developed a system for centralizing images taken from satellite and special aircraft, which is truly amazing. Until recently, we watched American movies in which… [Read more...]

Winamp free download installation and setting for the most popular audio player - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will talk about Winamp which is a very popular audio player and very appreciated by many users. This player is easy to use when we use it simply without going into its settings, when we enter the settings we see that everything is quite complicated as if its manufacturers have struggled to make the settings difficult… [Read more...]

Xilisoft Media Toolkit Ultimate ripuire a suite of multimedia conversion and DVD audio and video tutorial video

In this video tutorial you will have the opportunity to see together several ripping copy and audio and video conversion software, all from the well-known xilisoft company for the famous Xilisoft dvd ripper platinum. This is the Xilisoft Media Toolkit Ultimate multimedia suite, a suite that includes 5 DVD copy software, video conversion, audio track conversion to mp3 or… [Read more...]

Best photo manager and editor ACDSee Photo Manager 2009-video tutorial

In the following tutorial you will learn how to manage large volumes of pictures, I mean the folders with many pictures generated by digital cameras. The photo film is on the verge of extinction, now the digital camera is in power and with it came a problem, namely the management of these pictures that are becoming larger every day. Windows [Read more...]

How to make a print screen from windows - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we show you how we can make a print screen from windows without using a special program for this application. If we don't have a printer, a print screen or a screenshot would be a solution if we want to save a file from the desktop. We still have the option after making a print screen to save the image in several… [Read more...]

Free audio and mp3 player very good media monkey - video tutorial

I am pleased to present you one of my favorite applications, namely media monkey free, a multimedia player, but which is mainly an audio and mp3 player. This program is very easy to use and on top of that it is also free, of course there is a "gold" version, meaning money. Using media monkey a free software, we don't have to go anymore… [Read more...]

Bsplayer free download and installation - video tutorial

This video tutorial is about bsplayer free which is a very popular player in Romania and in the world, although it is a very old player. We will go through all the stages necessary for installation and what is very important is to uncheck some options that if not unchecked will install all sorts of things (toolbar, search engine, home page… [Read more...]

Free photo editing program (picasa) - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we present a free program with which we can edit photos and many others such as: -you can create collages -draw the red eye effect -edit photos -retouch photos -create Slide show -create a text (watermarks) for photos Picasa 3 is a program that can do quite a few applications and is an easy program… [Read more...]

How to put pictures and how to publish on the Internet a photo album, video tutorial

Very Strong Brother ...... I am pleased to present you a sensational software and I say once again SENSATIONAL namely "PORTA" For a program of 600 KB, Porta (this is the name of the software) it is incredibly smart and fast . The slogan of the company that runs this photo album creation software is: "A no-nonsense, hassle-free photo album generator"… [Read more...]