Free photo editing program and easy to use tutorial video

In this video tutorial we present a free photo editing program Magic Photo Editor. With this program we can play and experience funny combinations such as. -to frame a photo -to join two pictures -to apply a flower or a cartoon to the photo Now don't expect that you will be able to compare it with the Adobe Photoshop program… [Read more...]

Installation and setup tutorial video codecs package

In the next video tutorial we will present how to install and how to set a codec package but first of all how to download it and where. K-lite codec pack full is the name of the codec pack that we will install together. Before that you need to know that the old codecs must be uninstalled (if they exist) and you must have all the players… [Read more...]

How I can see photos and movies from your computer to your TV-video tutorial

Many people wonder how to watch movies and pictures from the computer on the TV, so that they don't sit crouched in front of the monitor for half an hour, as long as you have a movie. The solution is presented in the following video tutorial and consists of using an s-video cable, a scart s-video adapter and a video card from either nvidia or ati. Our video tutorial shows the setting… [Read more...]

How fair game tutorial video downloads

In this video tutorial you can watch how to correctly download iso files with games using the utorrent program without having to use a torrent search engine or log in to a Romanian torrent site. In principle, all files are downloaded in the same way, be they games, music, movies, etc. As an example in this video tutorial I chose to… [Read more...]

How can burn a CD in audio format (track) with nero-tutorial

In this video tutorial, we present how we can burn a CD in audio or track format with the nero program. Suppose we have in the house an older audio combo or a radio cd that cannot read mp3, mp4, etc. and then we will be forced to burn the cd in track (audio) format. When we want to download a song in audio format we will find it and… [Read more...]

The player can read all formats? (GOM Player) video -tutorial

In this video tutorial we present a video player, very powerful that can compete without problems in front of those already established. GOM PLAYER can open video and audio files such as (AVI, DAT, MPEG, DIVX, OGM, MP3 and others) without the need for codecs installed, it has everything it needs. May open corrupt or downloading video files… [Read more...]

Install and set black essentials - video tutorial

Nero is a very popular dvd cd burning software suite in Romania and beyond. It seems that lately the German software company has started to introduce more and more applications in this suite. However, the optical media recording module has remained the spearhead of the company, the other software inside the suite remaining in the shadows… [Read more...]

How to mount and how to install a video game with daemon tools -tutorial

Many of you may know how to download music, games, movies, but when it comes to installing a game that contains crack or more games in iso format it can be a problem because they are in a virtual format and to to work they need a virtual drive (daemon tools) and a crack (file modified by crackers). In this video tutorial a… [Read more...]