Why the pictures with the light in front come out dark - SOLUTION

Why the pictures with the light in front come out dark - SOLUTION You have certainly run into this problem: take a picture with the sun or the light bulb in front and your subject comes out very dark. Although the cameras are quite advanced, it seems that they are not so smart that they can guess what we want to do. Why do dark pictures come out with light in… [Read more...]

PhotoScan digitize old photos and share on Facebook

PhotoScan digitizes and shares old photos on Facebook. PhotoScan is a new application from Google, which digitizes our old photos, taken on photo paper. Specifically, for those who don't know, this app can scan your older photos and turn them into digital format so you can keep them on your PC or share them on… [Read more...]

OnePlus One Review Board, almost DSLR

Hello friends, today I will introduce you to the camera on Oneplus One, a very cheap phone and extremely hard to find. It's like a bottle of oil in Ceausescu's time. The Oneplus One phone is a rarity, it is sold by invitation only and if you find it for free you pay much more than the normal price ($ 300). I borrowed it from Romania and paid 1700 lei… [Read more...]

Background blurred the picture look pro with Google Camera

Google Camera is an application that until recently was found only on Nexus and GPE phones and tablets (Google Play Experience). Now Google Camera is available for free to everyone and offers new features to Android users. Photo Sphere - function that helps us make a sphere around us 360 degrees horizontally and [Read more...]

What and how to make HDR photos HDR with Photomatix

Hi friends, today we will go into the secrets of HDR photography, we will see what HDR means and how we can take an HDR picture from several exposures, using the PhotoMatix program. HDR comes from High Dynamic Range which in Romanian would translate "dynamic beach large ", it is about combining several pictures taken at different exposures in the same frame, without moving… [Read more...]

The differences between the formats JPEG and RAW photo

Today I will try to explain the differences between RAW and JPEG format, so you can choose the right format in the right situation. What is RAW? RAW format is a container that contains all the data captured by the sensor (metadata), without any modification and without no color profile. This data can be easily modified in photo editing software and… [Read more...]

DSLR Dashboard, control and live view remote for Nikon - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will present a program for Android devices with which we can remotely control Nikon cameras, it is called DSLR Dashboard and is similar to the DSLR Controller that we presented in a previous tutorial, the latter works with Canon cameras. To be able to use DSLR Dashboard [Read more...]

Magic Lantern, a firmware hack for Canon cameras - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will show you how to install Magic Lantern on Canon cameras, this is a kind of firmware that brings a lot of missing functions from the devices and users need them, a useful hack. Magic Lantern is developed by a group of enthusiasts who saw huge potential on Canon DSLR cameras,… [Read more...]

How to take light-field pictures with ordinary cameras - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's video tutorial I will present a very interesting online service. This service helps us transform a short film into a picture taken in a light field system. What is a light field? Light Field is an unconventional image capture technology that can capture photos that can be focused later as the photographer wants. On … [Read more...]

How to connect the dslr camera to a phone or tablet for monitoring - video tutorial

Hello friends, today I will present a very useful application for photography and video enthusiasts who own a Canon DSLR or Eos M. The DSLR Controller application allows us to connect the Canon camera to your phone or tablet via the USB OTG adapter. The image we can see on the phone or tablet is much clearer than on the camera screen, this one from… [Read more...]