Background removal tutorial from pictures + with transparency

Background removal tutorial from pictures What is this background removal tutorial from pictures about? In this video removal background tutorial from the pictures I will show you how you can remove the background from the pictures so that only the subject from the picture remains. Why remove the background from an image? Sometimes, while taking pictures, we may not catch the most beautiful… [Read more...]

Deepfake Video and Picture Toning Tutorial - Fake Pictures and Video

What this tutorial is about Deepfake video and Toning pictures It's about replacing girls in video and toning pictures. Deepfake video tutorial and Toonify pictures, in which you will see how a person's face changes in the video with another face, and how a portrait is toned, that is, how it makes a portrait look like a character in a drawing… [Read more...]

How to add bokeh balls to the background in pictures

How to add bokeh balls in the background in pictures for a perfect portrait The blur or bokeh effect in pictures Normally the blur or bokeh effect is obtained when we use a camera with a large sensor and fast lens (with the aperture wide open). How to make blur or bokeh without a pro camera? Today I'm going to show you how to get bokeh in the background in pictures… [Read more...]

Remove baskets or other imperfections in pictures

Remove pimples or other imperfections from pictures Remove pimples or other imperfections from pictures It was selfi - pictures - look - perfect - photoshop - filters - insta - fake ... In a world that puts more and more emphasis on physical appearance, many of us are looking for perfection and we feel the need to constantly improve something. To climb the social pyramid and accumulate… [Read more...]

How to animate Klaus Iohannis' head - animated wallpaper tutorial

How to animate Klaus Iohannis' head - animated wallpaper tutorial In today's tutorial we will use an Android application, which will help us to animate a part of an image, after which the animated image will become wallpaper. Why did I choose Klaus Iohannis? He is the most important man in Romania and I thought he was definitely not upset. Who was I to use as… [Read more...]

Any2Ico icon extract .exe or .dll out and convert Ico

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I present a very useful portable application (no installation required) that allows us to extract icons from an executable or .dll file. The application also allows us to convert an image to an .ico file (icon) to assign to a shortcut or executable. The application we are talking about today is called Any2Ico and we… [Read more...]

What and how to make HDR photos HDR with Photomatix

Hi friends, today we will go into the secrets of HDR photography, we will see what HDR means and how we can take an HDR picture from several exposures, using the PhotoMatix program. HDR comes from High Dynamic Range which in Romanian would translate "dynamic beach large ", it is about combining several pictures taken at different exposures in the same frame, without moving… [Read more...]

The differences between the formats JPEG and RAW photo

Today I will try to explain the differences between RAW and JPEG format, so you can choose the right format in the right situation. What is RAW? RAW format is a container that contains all the data captured by the sensor (metadata), without any modification and without no color profile. This data can be easily modified in photo editing software and… [Read more...]

How to rename several pictures at once in a few seconds - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's video tutorial I will show you how you can rename several pictures at once in just a few seconds without hassle and without using commercial software. First of all we need pictures, it would be preferable for the pictures to be nicely placed in folders, as they were made. For example, all the pictures from the mountains I took for Christmas should be… [Read more...]

How to print your own photos on photo paper, with the help of the printer - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will teach you how to print your own photos on photo paper at a very good quality, so you can print "some" pictures that you may not want everyone to see in a lab or photo center . We need a few things, first of all we need a printer and a special cartridge for photo printing, this cartridge is [Read more...]