Remove baskets or other imperfections in pictures

Remove pimples or other imperfections from pictures Remove pimples or other imperfections from pictures It was selfi - pictures - look - perfect - photoshop - filters - insta - fake ... In a world that puts more and more emphasis on physical appearance, many of us are looking for perfection and we feel the need to constantly improve something. To climb the social pyramid and accumulate… [Read more...]

How to make a vlog style install with pictures, videos and music on Android

Montage vlog style with pictures, video and music on Android Too many pictures on vacation and too ... When we go on vacation, especially in recent years, we take a lot of pictures and videos. In the end they are too many and many of them are not so interesting. Pictures and filming in a single montage, on music. A good idea is to make a multimedia montage with pictures… [Read more...]

The best application for creating an automatic slideshow

The best application for creating an automatic video slideshow We take a lot of pictures, but when do we see them? Today, people are taking more and more pictures and videos. The only problem is with watching them which is not so easy. There are many pictures, some doubles, others awful. When we tried to see them, it didn't seem so easy. An alternative viewing option… [Read more...]

How to animate Klaus Iohannis' head - animated wallpaper tutorial

How to animate Klaus Iohannis' head - animated wallpaper tutorial In today's tutorial we will use an Android application, which will help us to animate a part of an image, after which the animated image will become wallpaper. Why did I choose Klaus Iohannis? He is the most important man in Romania and I thought he was definitely not upset. Who was I to use as… [Read more...]

What is the diaphragm on handsets and cameras and what controls them?

What is the aperture of phones and cameras and what does it control? The aperture, or Aperture in English, is the hole through which light reaches the sensor. The larger the aperture, the greater the depth of field and the amount of light that reaches the sensor. With a large aperture we can: 1. Get the blurred background in pictures 2. Take pictures at night with less… [Read more...]

How to make a slow motion video shooting

Video Tutorial - How to make slow motion from a Slow motion video or slow motion playback, is a method by which we can slow down a shooting made at more frames per second than normal (24-25-30 fps). In order to make Slow Motion in quality conditions, we must first shoot at over 48 frames per second; 48 fps being the minimum required for… [Read more...]

OnePlus One Review Board, almost DSLR

Hello friends, today I will introduce you to the camera on Oneplus One, a very cheap phone and extremely hard to find. It's like a bottle of oil in Ceausescu's time. The Oneplus One phone is a rarity, it is sold by invitation only and if you find it for free you pay much more than the normal price ($ 300). I borrowed it from Romania and paid 1700 lei… [Read more...]

How can we make a Hyperlapse of Google Street View images

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will do something more special, a Hyperlapse using the pictures from Google Street View. You can send the resulting hyperlapse to Facebook, email or even messenger. The Hyperlaspe is a moving Timelapse, for all intents and purposes a Timelapse is a slow motion video. Actually it's not filming but a lot of pictures taken at a… [Read more...]

What and how to make HDR photos HDR with Photomatix

Hi friends, today we will go into the secrets of HDR photography, we will see what HDR means and how we can take an HDR picture from several exposures, using the PhotoMatix program. HDR comes from High Dynamic Range which in Romanian would translate "dynamic beach large ", it is about combining several pictures taken at different exposures in the same frame, without moving… [Read more...]

The differences between the formats JPEG and RAW photo

Today I will try to explain the differences between RAW and JPEG format, so you can choose the right format in the right situation. What is RAW? RAW format is a container that contains all the data captured by the sensor (metadata), without any modification and without no color profile. This data can be easily modified in photo editing software and… [Read more...]