Spectacular but simple three-dimensional graphics with Cinema 4D - video tutorial

Following the requests, I thought of making a video tutorial on the subject of 3d. I touched on this topic through the Cinema 4D program, a very "airy" program, easy to use and incredibly efficient. Not being a theme developed on the "market" in Romania, it may be a foreign element to many of us. What exactly is a 3D graphics program? To make the difference easier,… [Read more...]

How fair game tutorial video downloads

In this video tutorial you can watch how to correctly download iso files with games using the utorrent program without having to use a torrent search engine or log in to a Romanian torrent site. In principle, all files are downloaded in the same way, be they games, music, movies, etc. As an example in this video tutorial I chose to… [Read more...]

How to mount and how to install a video game with daemon tools -tutorial

Many of you may know how to download music, games, movies, but when it comes to installing a game that contains crack or more games in iso format it can be a problem because they are in a virtual format and to to work they need a virtual drive (daemon tools) and a crack (file modified by crackers). In this video tutorial I will [Read more...]