All maps are wrong - Romania is Britain

All maps are wrong All maps are wrong! Did you know that all our lives we have studied erroneous maps, which are a distorted projection of the globe? When I found out, I couldn't believe it - the projection of the earth, which is spherical, on a 2D plane, that is, on a map, is impossible without distortion. Current maps are bad for… [Read more...]

Best offline navigation and maps (for holidays abroad)

The best OFFLINE navigation app and maps What does the Offline navigation app mean? Offline means no wifi or mobile data connection. Usually the free navigation applications (Google Maps, Waze) use the internet connection to download / update maps, configure or reconfigure the route. On Google Maps, for example, even if… [Read more...]

Navigation on marked mountain trails - exact location Our Mountains

Navigating marked mountain trails I like to go to the mountains, but anyone who goes to the mountains and makes trails knows that sometimes you can miss the marked route. The attention of mountain tourists on the trails is slightly distracted by the beautiful landscape that changes every few minutes into another and more beautiful. How can you get lost on the mountain? Without realizing it, looking for corner flowers and goats… [Read more...]

How do we fool GPS, that we are in another location (exotic)

How do we fool the GPS, that we are in another location Fictitious location is a method by which developers can test their applications that use the location. We will instead use fictitious locations to fool the phone that we are in another location. Use the fictitious location carefully The fictitious or false location must be used carefully. It is not a good idea to forget the application… [Read more...]

Android Auto, you make your car "almost" smart

Android Auto What is Android Auto? Auto is an Android application, made especially for use in the car. With an ergonomic and simple interface, Auto offers us more safety behind the wheel, when we use the phone for navigation, calls, music, etc. How to use Android Auto? The Android Auto application can be used in two ways: 1. Connect to… [Read more...]

Custom navigation route with several stops on Android

Custom navigation route with several stops on Android Today I will show you how to make a customized route, with several stops and detours, in the navigation function in Google Maps. Create a custom navigation map. Creating a custom navigation map is useful when we want to take a detour; When we want to organize an itinerary of… [Read more...]

Pokemon GO falsification location joystick without root

Pokemon GO fake location with joystick without root In order to play Pokemon GO, we have to keep moving, looking for pokemon. Unfortunately not everyone can move, or not everyone lives in the city, where there are pokemoni gorge. For categories that can't go pokemon hunting, we've found a location falsification method that doesn't require… [Read more...]

Pokemon GO on the couch, fictitious locations with joystick

Pokemon GO on the couch, fictional locations with joystick In today's tutorial I will show you how you can use Pokemon GO without leaving home. It's a combination of fictional locations and a joystick, all with the help of Xposed. Pokemon Go is the phenomenon that has taken everyone by surprise. Never before has an app been so popular [Read more...]

Download maps offline Google Maps + Navigation tip

Google maps allows us to download maps for a few days and in addition offers to update them periodically. Good news for those who use the Google Maps application extensively and want to save on mobile traffic. Downloading Google maps can be done for a long time, downloading google maps offline and more "downloading google maps with interventions". Download [Read more...]

Nokia Here Maps for Android (offline navigation)

Hello friends, today I will introduce you to Nokia Here Maps, the map and navigation application from Nokia for Android that is free. This is not a review but a short presentation accompanied by my opinions about the first Nokia Here version for Android. From the beginning I have to tell you that this is a beta version and that bugs can still creep in here and there. must … [Read more...]