Deepfake Video and Picture Toning Tutorial - Fake Pictures and Video

What this tutorial is about Deepfake video and Toning pictures It's about replacing girls in video and toning pictures. Deepfake video tutorial and Toonify pictures, in which you will see how a person's face changes in the video with another face, and how a portrait is toned, that is, how it makes a portrait look like it is a character from a drawing… [Read more...]

Hidden video editor in Windows 10 - where to find it and how to use it?

What is the video tutorial hidden video editor in Windows 10? In the Hidden Video Editor tutorial in Windows 10, this is a small video editor that is already installed in Windows 10, and with which you can perform simple video editing tasks. This editor is a good force, especially for those who do not normally use a video editor, but sometimes they need to ... [Read more...]

Video mixing different resolutions formats and orientations + crop, cutting, watermark

Video mixing different resolutions formed What is the video tutorial about? In the video tutorial "Mix different video resolutions formed" you will learn how to paste, merge or mix multiple video files filmed at different resolutions, in different formats and with different orientations. In addition, you will be able to crop in any video segment, remove from ... [Read more...]

Capture the interesting sequence from a video and rotate video

Cutting the interesting sequence from a video What is the tutorial "Cutting the interesting sequence from a video"? In this video tutorial (Cutting out the interesting sequence in a video) you will see how to cut a sequence in a video, whether it is at the beginning, the end or the middle of the video. You will also see how a video rotates, in case ... [Read more...]

How do you enlarge an area in the video, that is, how is the crop grown?

How to enlarge a video area How can you zoom in, ie crop on a video area? At one point you probably needed to zoom in on a certain area of ​​a video you made or simply took it from the net or from a surveillance camera. It is not complicated to crop on a video, but we must know from the beginning that we can not expect ... [Read more...]

How to make a vlog style install with pictures, videos and music on Android

Vlog style montage with photos, videos and music on Android Too many photos on vacation and too ... When we go on vacation, especially in recent years, we do a lot of photos and filming. In the end, they are too many and many of them are not so interesting. Pictures and filming in one montage, on music. A good idea is to make a multimedia montage with photos ... [Read more...]

How to Return a Tapered Video on Your Phone

What is the "How to turn a reversed video on your phone" tutorial? Sometimes the videos you make on the phone or another camcorder are wrongly oriented, that is, reversed. If in sports cameras (GoPro), the wrong orientation results from mounting the cameras in some strange positions, deliberately (under the frame, at the bar, etc.); on the phone we have a ... [Read more...]

Kdenlive free video editor for Windows and Linux

Kdenlive Free Video Editor for Windows and Linux One is an excellent video editor, developed on Linux, Kdenlive, which has now been ported to Windows, is a solid alternative to Windows video editing software. Kdenlive, a serious publisher You won't think of Kdenlive as a linear, child-friendly video editor where you can't do much. Kdenlive ... [Read more...]

How to make a slow motion video shooting

Video Tutorial - How to make slow motion from a Slow motion video recording or slow motion playback, is a method by which we can slow down a shooting made in more frames per second than normal (24-25-30 fps). In order to perform Slow Motion in quality conditions, we must first shoot at over 48 frames per second; 48 fps being the minimum required for… [Read more...]

How to remove background noise in the audio or video

How to remove background noise from audio or video Very often, in audio and video recordings, background noise appears, which is quite disturbing. Fortunately, if the background noise is constant, we can eliminate it. What is the background noise in the audio? The background noise we will focus on is "white background noise", a constant background sound, ... [Read more...]