YouTube, account settings, channel, video editor, annotations, subtitles etc - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I thought about presenting your YouTube account in detail, there are a lot of things you can use in the management interface of your YouTube channel, this to become a skilled youtuber. We can earn some money from this job, of course if we do the job, original content, subscriptions and interesting movies. I'm out guys and ... [Read more...]

How stabilize shake shooting a video - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about video editing. Specifically, we will learn how to stabilize a shaky video. Many times we float the video camera or phone to film different events in our lives. When using the camcorder or phone, we do not use a tripod but hold it. This causes a disturbing effect in… [Read more...]

ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre with SimHD, or watch DVD's as normal at a resolution Full HD - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial you will discover a very interesting player, this is TotalMedia Theater from ArcSoft, it does some things that other players cannot do. The most interesting function that TotalMedia Theater has is SimHD, this is a plugin that helps us to watch DVDs and MPEG 2 files at a much higher resolution, until… [Read more...]

iWisoft Free Video Converter Free video conversion software simple and powerful - video tutorial

Have you ever tried playing movies on your mobile phone? Have you tried copying a DVD to your computer? Have you ever encountered video files that could not be viewed? In today's tutorial we will present a free and easy to use smart software that will help you in such cases, the topic of today's tutorial is the application for iWisoft Free Video video conversion ... [Read more...]

How to install codecs on Ubuntu Linux to be able to watch movies - video tutorial

We present in a previous tutorial that, Totem Movie Player is already installed on Ubuntu Linux and ready for work, but what do we do when we want to play a .avi video file and see that it refuses to play? ? Yes you guessed it, today we will talk about codecs! Many times when you want to play different video files and find that you are not going to think ... [Read more...]

BSplayer free (free) download installation and setup - video tutorial

This video tutorial is about bsplayer free (free) which is a very popular player in Romania and in the world, although it is a very old player. We will go through all the steps necessary for the installation and what is very important is to uncheck some options that, if not cleared, will install all sorts of things (toolbar, search engine, home page ... [Read more...]

How I can see photos and movies from your computer to your TV-video tutorial

Many people are wondering how you can watch movies and pictures from your computer on your TV, so that you don't have to sit in front of your monitor for half an hour, as long as you have a movie. The solution is presented in the following video tutorial and consists of the use of a s-video cable, a s-video adapter scart and a video card either from envy or from others. Our video tutorial presents the setting ... [Read more...]