Automatic download of movies from YouTube for wireless viewing on the phone - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's video tutorial I will show you how you can automatically download movies from YouTube for viewing when we do not have a connection available on your mobile phone. Until now, in order to download movies from YouTube, we had to install various software or extensions in the browser, this on the desktop, on the mobile was almost impossible to do such a thing. Cei [Read more...]

Connecting the phone to the TV with an MHL adapter or directly via HDMI - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will do what I promised you with a few tutorials ago, I will connect a phone and a tablet to the cable TV, this is the first step on the road to the Android-based Mini Game Console connected only the Sixaxis Dual Shock bluetooth controller and you're done. Until another day today I will connect a tablet and a phone to the TV, [Read more...]

How to stream video and audio on the net with VLC Media Player - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we are going to discuss the streaming function in VLC Media Player, an option totally unknown to some and quite unclear for others, today we will try to clarify many of the unknowns of the problem. VLC Media Player is known to everyone as a player multimedia, more video to be fair. He knows how to do much more than running… [Read more...]

OnLive, the most advanced gaming platform PC, mobile and even TV - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this video tutorial I will introduce you to OnLive, an innovative gaming platform, with the help of OnLive you can play the latest games without the need for super high-performance hardware, even those with older computers can enjoy new games. In addition, Onlive allows us to access the platform and play from iPhone or Android, with the help of accessories… [Read more...]

Windows Media Player and Samsung AllShare, DLNA software for computer - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's video tutorial we will send photos and movies from the phone to the computer without cables and without Bluetooth, only through the network and DLNA and / or UPnP standards. This tutorial follows your requests from the comments section of the first tutorial about DLNA, there I explained what DLNA means and how it is used in life… [Read more...]

Movies, music and photos from PC or phone on wireless TV, with DLNA - video tutorial

Hi friends, today I will explain what DLNA means and what it is used for, because many of you probably have DLNA and / or UPnP certified devices. Connecting devices together is a big problem, look behind your computer and you will catch immediately the idea, if wireless could be applied to all would be great, imagine a computer… [Read more...]

Setting up a surveillance system, part 2, audio video recording and management - video tutorial

Hello friends, today I will continue with the second part of the series dedicated to video surveillance, in the first tutorial we discussed about installing an IP camera and today we will talk about managing and recording the video signal emitted by the IP camera. If you do not have an IP camera, you can turn your phone into a surveillance camera, or you can turn your webcam and computer… [Read more...]

Configuring an audio and video surveillance system, part 1, installation and setting of the IP camera - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this video tutorial I will start a series of tutorials in which I will present the steps we need to follow to set up an audio video surveillance system. This tutorial is the first in this series and is dedicated to the camera or IP cameras, I will learn how to configure the camera and I will explain all its settings. The great advantage of a… [Read more...]

Install Flash Player on LG Optimus One P500 for online video and flash games - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see what we can do to run a flash player on an LG Optimus One P500. Normally, Flash Player does not support ARM v6 processors, a processor also found on LG Optimus One P500, Samsung Galaxy Mini or HTC WildFire. But, with the help of a modified version of flash player and a Custom ROM, we will be able to install flash… [Read more...]