New in Android Lollipop 5, Smart Lock

Hello friends! Today I will show you a feature that was launched with Android 5 Lollipop. It is a very useful function, especially for people who use the smart phone very often. The function is called SmartLock and exempts us from entering the unlock password. Smart Lock is very "smart". The function uses Bluetooth or NFC devices nearby, location, ... [Read more...]

How to find the password in characters dotted browser!

Hello friends! Do you know that moment when we access a service or a web page, the browser automatically fills in for us the username and password? Well, as savvy is this option of the browser to save time and to log in quickly to the websites visited internally, it is also dangerous and can leave us without accounts if ... [Read more...]

How can we get in Windows 8.1 without password

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Specifically we will see how we can gain access to the operating system if the user account has a password set and we do not know it anymore. Sometimes we may forget the password of the user account for various reasons. Either because I set it in a hurry, or because I didn't use it anymore ... [Read more...]

Display wireless password stored in your phone or tablet

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about wireless and Android. Specifically, we will see how we can recover the passwords of the wireless networks that we have connected over time on Android devices, be they smartphones and / or tablets. To do this we will of course use an application called WiFi Key Recovery which unfortunately for some, requires ... [Read more...]

How can send and receive encrypted emails on Gmail

Hi friends, today I will show you how you can send and receive encrypted emails on Gmail. For convenient encryption of emails we need the Google Chrome browser and Secure Gmail (email encryption). You also need the browser and extension, you send the encrypted email, but also the one who receives the email, so he can decrypt it and read it. After installation ... [Read more...]

Paroleaza phone and tablet applications on the App Lock

Hi friends, today we will see how the Android phone or tablet user can keep their device out of the eyes of the curious. We will install an application called App Lock, this helps us put a barrier to opening applications, uninstalling, installing, accessing settings and taking calls. From now on, your relatives will not be able to read you ... [Read more...]

Cryptophane, fast file encryption program

Hi friends, today we will see what can be done for data security and message exchange. Each of us has private messages to send and receive, these messages must remain private even if someone breaks our facebook, messenger, gmail, etc. For maximum security we have to encrypt the data, this means that anyone would put their hand on ... [Read more...]

Show characters in the password in Firefox

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can see the characters in the "password" field when we log on to different sites or web services using the Mozilla Firefox browser. I have done in the past a tutorial called Security in the browser, how we can see the characters of the passwords below the stars in which we show you the same thing but the method was something more ... [Read more...]

Wireshark, stealing passwords on free wi-fi networks

Today we will do something more special, we will try to intercept the login data from the browser with the help of an extraordinary software called Wireshark. I will show you how easy it is to lose your password and username if you use them when you are connected to public wi-fi networks. These networks are the favorite target of the attackers, they capture everything ... [Read more...]

How to crack WPA wireless password, or WEP with BackTrack WPA2 - video tutorial

How to break the wifi password (wireless) or how to pass WPA, WPA2 and WEP security with BackTrack. Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will continue with the wireless security we talked about in the last tutorial, today I will show you how easy it is to break the security of a wireless network, whether we have WEP, WPA or even WPA2. For this tutorial I have prepared ... [Read more...]