Free ransomware protection Acronis Ransomware Protection

Free Ransomware Protection Acronis Ransomware Protection What is a ransomware infection? Of all digital infections, the most "infected" is ransomware; That's because it encrypts your files, which are almost impossible to decrypt. It's like having the files, but you can't see them, because they are each enclosed in boxes that you can't… [Read more...]

Anti ransomware anti-encryption NEW files in Windows Defender

NEW in Windows Defender anti ransomware anti file encryption Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about the security of important or precious files. Specifically, we will see how we can protect our precious files from ransomware infections that, once it has infected our computer, will encrypt all the files and thus we will lose them. Controlled… [Read more...]

The Best Free Backup Program - AOMEI

The best free backup program - AOMEI Backup is probably the most important activity for data security. Unfortunately, not all of us back up as we should, and we end up losing our data, often without being able to recover it. Why back up - The best free backup program - AOMEI - To keep our data safe from hardware failure… [Read more...]

Infection live with WANNA CRY Ransomware and methods of protection

Live infection with WANNA CRY Ransomware and methods of protection The most destructive computer infection in recent years is a ransomware called WannaCry. Where did WannaCry come from? It is not known exactly where it came from, but it is known that it was built on the phase of spyware stolen from the NSA (American SRI), which the NSA used for… [Read more...]

How does a PC infected with crypto Trojan LOCKY

What does a PC infected with the LOCKY crypto Trojan look like? Gone are the days when I devirused my PC with a click. Today's threats have taken on more and more strange shapes. A day ago, an acquaintance asked me to check a laptop, and give him some advice, why he is moving so hard. I looked and I immediately realized that, in addition to 10.000 extensions, "maintenance / cleaning" programs… [Read more...]