How to find the password in characters dotted browser!

Hello friends! Do you know that moment when we access a service or a web page, the browser automatically fills in for us the username and password? Well, as savvy is this option of the browser to save time and to log in quickly to the websites visited internally, it is also dangerous and can leave us without accounts if ... [Read more...]

Cerberus, anti-theft application / location resistance reset

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will introduce you to Cerberus, an android application that offers superior protection against theft / localization / collection of evidence for cases where your phone is stolen or lost, even in the case of total reset of the phone or tablet. Bonus, the Cerberus app can also work as a true Keylogger if you want it. ... [Read more...]

How can we get in Windows 8.1 without password

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Specifically we will see how we can gain access to the operating system if the user account has a password set and we do not know it anymore. Sometimes we may forget the password of the user account for various reasons. Either because I set it in a hurry, or because I didn't use it anymore ... [Read more...]

Elimination of infection that automatically post on our Facebook site

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I decided to intentionally virus to see how we get rid of the infection that automatically posts messages on our Facebook tagging our friends and making spam. How do you get infected with "Update Flash Player"? An already infected friend is posting on the wall or a message with a link to his photo ... [Read more...]

CryptoLocker such as disinfecting prevent and recover files as infected ramsomware

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about a ransomware infection called CryptoLocker. Specifically we will see how to disinfect a computer infected with CryptoLocker, how to prevent infection with this ransomware and how to recover files infected with CryptoLocker. What does CryptoLocker do? As I said before, this type of infection is part of ... [Read more...]

Cryptophane, fast file encryption program

Hi friends, today we will see what can be done for data security and message exchange. Each of us has private messages to send and receive, these messages must remain private even if someone breaks our facebook, messenger, gmail, etc. For maximum security we have to encrypt the data, this means that anyone would put their hand on ... [Read more...]

Simple measures to secure and encrypt traffic navigation

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see some tips for safer browsing and encrypted traffic when using a public wireless network. If yesterday's tutorial on Wireshark, intercepting passwords on free wi-fi networks, my colleague Cristi will show you how easy it can be to intercept the data we enter on a site, today ... [Read more...]

Wireshark, stealing passwords on free wi-fi networks

Today we will do something more special, we will try to intercept the login data from the browser with the help of an extraordinary software called Wireshark. I will show you how easy it is to lose your password and username if you use them when you are connected to public wi-fi networks. These networks are the favorite target of the attackers, they capture everything ... [Read more...]

DNS poisoning method commonly used by hackers

DNS poisoning is a method by which hackers leave the impression that they have taken control of certain known sites or not. DNS is the protocol that bridges the domain name and IP address, because any site in this world has one or more IP addresses. When we type "" in our browser, our computer has three options for finding out ... [Read more...]

How and when we find out if someone has used your computer

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can find out when and if anyone uses our personal computer. For this we will use a portable application (no installation required) called WinLogOnView that gives us information about the logins that had logged on our computer. WinLogOnView gives us information about: - Logon ID - Name of… [Read more...]