Who connects illegally on your WI-FI network

Who connects illegally on your WI-FI network The wireless signal passes through the walls of the house. When we use a Wi-Fi network in the home, we need to be aware that that wireless network can also be accessed by other people, neighbors, or people nearby. Better security of the Wi-Fi network We have talked on other occasions about security at… [Read more...]

Android VPN settings with Asus router VPN server

Android VPN settings with Asus VPN router server What does VPN mean? VPN comes from the "Virtual Private Network", meaning a virtual private network - a connection that can securely connect two give multiple computers securely. Specifically, the VPN makes a secure tunnel between two or more computers connected to the Internet. What is the VPN for? With the help … [Read more...]

Connecting to a WiFi router without password

This tutorial exemplifies the simplest method of connecting to a secure wifi router without a login password. It's that simple ... I forgot my WIFi password! This is a classic example: you have your router installed for several years and you simply forgot your wireless connection password. 1. You can reset the router, but you are not so good at networking to put it… [Read more...]

How to crack any password Wi-Fi, super fast using social engineering

How to break any Wi-Fi password, using social engineering techniques. Social engineering is the technique by which individuals or groups are manipulated in order to achieve something. The most recent social engineering scheme is the "accident method", where the aggressor exploits the care of the victim for loved ones, to obtain undue benefits aka [Read more...]

Wi-Fi networks can be broken with this USB adapter and Kali

Wi-Fi networks can be broken! It is well known that Wi-Fi networks can be broken. Some easier, some harder, but in the end they can all be broken if we don't have the time limit. An attacker with a lot of time available and some knowledge, can penetrate your Wi-Fi network and steal your data or worse, can spy on you without knowing it. As I showed you in the tutorial… [Read more...]

AC87U Asus router with the best coverage wifi

Asus, with AC87U found the recipe for the perfect router; Processing power, broadcast power, multiple streams, security features and many other wonders. The AC87U is currently the best router in terms of performance and additional features not found on other routers. Asus AC87U has AsusWRT firmware, which is one of the most [Read more...]

Antivirus wi-fi router, network security

Asus has enriched the routers overnight with a firmware update that offers some extremely useful new features. New features include security and bandwidth management. They are called: 1. AI Protection (TrendMicro security) 2. Adaptive QoS (bandwidth management) If you haven't received the update, you can flash Merlin, a custom firmware for… [Read more...]

Wireshark, stealing passwords on free wi-fi networks

Today we will do something more special, we will try to intercept the login data from the browser with the help of an extraordinary software called Wireshark. I'll show you how easy it is to lose your password and username if you use them when you're connected to public wi-fi networks. These networks are the target of attackers, they capture everything… [Read more...]

How to crack WPA, WPA2 or WEP wireless password with BackTrack - video tutorial

How to break the wifi password (wireless) or how to bypass WPA, WPA2 and WEP security with BackTrack. Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will continue with the wireless security we talked about in the last tutorial, today I will show you how easy it is to break the security of a wireless network, whether we have WEP, WPA or even WPA2. For this tutorial I have prepared… [Read more...]

The best settings for maximum wireless network security - video tutorial

First of all I want to let you know that this is the 1000th tutorial, hopefully we will do at least 10 times more in the coming years. The tutorials have been and are available on the site for free for everyone. You can find it using the categories, the search engine, similar tutorials, you can also find them using the google.ro search engine, write what… [Read more...]