Record calls with optimal ACR settings and unchained version

ACR Call Recording What is the ACR Call Recording tutorial about? In this video tutorial (Recording calls with ACR), you will see how to record phone calls, so that both sides can be heard. There are settings that we have to make and that I will present to you in detail in the video tutorial. What is ACR? - [Read more...]

Strange phone sound on Orange - cross device tracking?

Strange phone sound on Orange What is the article Strange phone sound on Orange about? Today I'm going to make you listen to a strange sound from your phone on Orange. A sound that is heard when you call the Orange customer service number. What about the weird phone sound on Orange during the phone call? When you call… [Read more...]

BLOCK windows with ERROR alerts on Android

BLOCKING WINDOW ALERT WINDOWS on Android Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can block redirecting "virus device" that we most often encounter in Chrome browser. What is "infected device" or "virus device" redirect? It is a way that malicious people use and manipulate to ... [Read more...]

Location by phone number without net SMS

Location By Phone Number can be made quite easy, this is a method of locating a phone without knowing anything about the location of the phone to be located. We do not even need a net, it is enough for the phone to send SMS. How do you locate someone by phone number? Using the Tasker application, we will set to ... [Read more...]

As you enter the account to someone else and read WhatsApp conversations

How do you log into someone else's WhatsApp account to read their conversations? Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can read or spy on WhatsApp conversations of children, wife, friends, close friends. How to access someone's WhatsApp account Maybe we don't necessarily want to spy on someone but just monitor our children or ... [Read more...]

Recording and interception distance calls from any phone Android

Remote call recording and interception - how to do it? For recording calls on the phone, we will use a program called ACR, which is free. It allows us to automatically record all telephone calls or just certain calls, with contact filtering. ACR call recording application. It's an Android app apparently ... [Read more...]

OnePlus Review 3, too fast and cheap

OnePlus 3 Review, too fast and too cheap From the outset I am aware that all Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, Apple, etc. fans will be upset with me and reproach me for being paid by the Chinese from Oneplus, to make a favorable review. To give everything back, I must confess, Oneplus never contacted me, and even if it happened, this review was ... [Read more...]

Vault Gallery, Securing and hiding private photos from your phone

Gallery Vault, parsing and hiding private photos from your phone - Android application Today, when privacy is virtually gone, it is very difficult to keep your private data away from the curious eyes of the cloud or your neighbors. Let's say you take a picture with your phone when you're in an intimate setting. The picture is saved in memory ... [Read more...]

Record sound on the phone nonstop Echo

Sound recording on the phone, non-stop with Echo At one point, we all thought "how good it would be to give time back, as I didn't hear what you said." Now we have a solution for forgetting, the Echo application, which allows us to record the ambient sound, from the phone's microphone, in the loop. The Echo application is free and very easy to use, in addition, it works very ... [Read more...]

The phone, like the camera, with Perch

The phone, like the surveillance camera, with Perch in the past I have made several tutorials related to surveillance systems, surveillance cameras, NVR and even, the use of the phone as an IP camera or webcam. Today I will present a service, which also has a phone application, which turns the latter into a real IP camera with motion ... [Read more...]