How to update from one version of Android to another for LG Optimus One P500 - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how to upgrade from Android 2.1 to 2.2 or from 2.2 to 2.3 for the LG Optimus One P500 smartphone. Before you begin, I recommend that you copy everything you have to the SD card to your computer or another storage device, as you may lose data from it after you upgrade from… [Read more...]

How to locate and recover a stolen or lost Android mobile phone - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will learn how we can locate and recover our Android smartphone when we lose it or it is stolen. Because a smartphone generally has a wireless antenna and a GPS module, application developers and security companies have thought of using them to help the customer find their smartphone in [Read more...]

Windows Phone 7, Microsoft's mobile operating system - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this tutorial I will present the mobile operating system from Microsoft, it is called Windows Phone 7, unlike the old versions which were called Windows Mobile. The new system is built from scratch, nothing of the old Windows Mobile has been preserved, not even the Marketplace (the online store with applications), for Windows Phone it was thought… [Read more...]

Angry Birds the most popular game on iPhone, Android, Symbian etc, now on the desktop - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we will see how to install Angry Birds on the desktop, this is a very popular game on smartphone platforms, those who have phones: Android, iPhone, Symbian etc, know very well this attractive game. Apparently Angry Birds is a simple game , if we look closely at the way objects move we will find that it is a rather complex game like… [Read more...]

Some things we need to know before buying a smartphone - video guide

Hi friends, in this guide I will tell you some things that I have discovered over time, there are things that it is good to know before buying your favorite smartphone. Although the manufacturers will entice you with all sorts of interesting options, there are some functions of comfort and functionality that a smartphone should have. From the very beginning I want… [Read more...]

How to install Opera Mobile on Windows - video tutorial

In today's tutorial we will learn together how to install Opera Mobile on Windows. For those who don't know, Opera Mobile is a browser optimized for mobile phones or smartphones. A very popular browser in the world of mobile phones, probably the most used browser on mobile devices. In today's tutorial we will go through the steps of installing this… [Read more...]

Mcleaner firewall for mobile phones that rejects unwanted calls or messages - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present a firewall for the mobile phone called Mcleaner, it helps us to filter unwanted or SMS or MMS messages that have started to become more and more annoying. For our peace and comfort it is good to be able to choose what kind of calls or text messages we receive, this is not always possible and so we [Read more...]

How to spy or control a computer with a mobile phone - HD video tutorial

Hi, in the next video tutorial I will present how we can make a connection like remote control or remote assistance between a phone and a computer. As you know you can control a computer very easily from another computer through programs that must be installed on both computers or only on one and on the other to be installed java runing… [Read more...]

Using the phone as a computer remote control using the controlfreak software - HD video tutorial

Hi, in this video tutorial I present a way to use the phone as a remote control to remotely control a player, this is true for phones in the range symbian S60 v1 and v2 this is the only free possibility to have the most quick access to control of a remote computer. In the tutorial I present: how it is done… [Read more...]