How to make online payments and how to receive money online with a paypal account - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we will start talking about online money, more precisely about the online wallet called PayPal. PayPal is an online payment service created in 1998, it was bought by Ebay in 2002, now PayPal offers online financial services in many countries around the world, the list of services offered by this company is constantly growing and the… [Read more...]

How to make a site, part 5, seo optimization traffic monitoring - video tutorial

Hello everyone, we are already at episode 5 of the soap opera dedicated to creating a site, in this tutorial we will talk about search engine optimization (SEO) and monitoring the traffic of a site. For SEO (search engine optimization) we will use a very popular wordpress plugin, I could say the most popular plugin made for wordpress ever, it… [Read more...]

Out of the desire to become hackers, many users become victims of hackers - video tutorial

In this video tutorial you will see an interesting but extremely dangerous software created to enter the computers of others, unfortunately the one who uses it becomes the victim of the person or people who developed this remote control software, better said software of spies. The culmination is that this software costs money, people are interested in it because the man since se [Read more...]

How to avoid threats on the net, part 1 autoinstall servers - video tutorial

Hi friends, I'm Neculau Constantin, many of you know me from the comments section, there I have the ID "corleone". In this tutorial I will present the Radmin software, this is a remote assistance and remote control software, in fact the tutorial does not aim to present the software itself, we will see some methods by which malicious people can enter… [Read more...]

Data recovery if windows no longer works with Puppy Linux - video tutorial

Hi friends, I'm Dan and in this video tutorial we will see how to recover data from C: partition, when the operating system no longer wants to start for various reasons. If, for any reason, Windows (XP, Vista, it doesn't matter) doesn't want to start and you have files to recover, you have several options: - System Repair after the CD… [Read more...]

Avast Home Edition download install and set up a free antivirus - HD video tutorial

Today I decided to present you a very good antivirus in my opinion, very configurable and "bushy". Like NOD32, this antivirus is simple at first glance, whoever sees it for the first time will say that everything is simple, but if you are a more experienced user you can easily venture into the many advanced settings of this antivirus. Avast comes by default (from… [Read more...]

How paroleaza, encrypt folders and files with Folder Lock - HD video tutorial

Hello friends, in this video tutorial we will learn how to password or encrypt folders and files with the Foolder Lock application. When I first launched this software (Folder Lock) I had a lot of fun, it looks like a safe, but if we don't think about it, a kind of safe is a virtual one. Just like a real safe, until you put the right combination it doesn't open,… [Read more...]

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 - download installation and setup - HD video tutorial

Eset NOD32 Antivirus is a well-known name in the world of security solutions and quite old in this field. It is classified by most users as: the anitvirus that consumes the least resources, which unfortunately is no longer so applicable. to version 4. From my research I notice that even with the default settings it is… [Read more...]

Paragon drive backup express a free and very easy to use data security program - HD video tutorial

I am pleased to present in this video tutorial an extremely simple backup solution, it is the Drive Backup Express 9.0 from Paragon which is free and extremely easy to use. Simple does not mean bad, here simplicity means efficiency and economy, we have only 8 buttons that contain what is strictly necessary for a backup program. Data security is increasingly [Read more...]