Mcleaner firewall for mobile phones that rejects unwanted calls or messages - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present a firewall for the mobile phone called Mcleaner, it helps us to filter unwanted or SMS or MMS messages that have started to become more and more annoying. For our peace and comfort it is good to be able to choose what kind of calls or text messages we receive, this is not always possible and so we [Read more...]

How to spy or control a computer with a mobile phone - HD video tutorial

Hi, in the next video tutorial I will present how we can make a connection like remote control or remote assistance between a phone and a computer. As you know you can control a computer very easily from another computer through programs that must be installed on both computers or only on one and on the other to be installed java runing… [Read more...]

Nobody protects us from phishing, we have to defend ourselves! - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will present once again how we can defend ourselves against phishig First of all for those who do not know or have not heard of phishing in the following lines we will tell you if it is and how we can fight this phenomenon In the field of computer security, Phishing is a form of illegal activity that consists in obtaining data… [Read more...]

How to backup your data against unwanted incidents - HD video tutorial

This video tutorial is about backup, I will use two solutions, the first backup solution is a very simple tool to use at anyone's fingertips, namely the System Restore application in Windows either xp or vista, which we find at this "address" : Start / All Programs / Accessories / System Tools / System Restore. The number two solution is Acronis True Image 11, a [Read more...]

Using the phone as a computer remote control using the controlfreak software - HD video tutorial

Hi, in this video tutorial I present a way to use the phone as a remote control to remotely control a player, this is true for phones in the range symbian S60 v1 and v2 this is the only free possibility to have the most quick access to control of a remote computer. In the tutorial I present: how it is done… [Read more...]

Phishing and methods to combat this phenomenon - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will talk about phishing, you will read the definition of phishing below in a passage from wikipedia Romania, we will continue this series of video tutorials dedicated to computer crimes and other hot topics, until another one to read definition of this phenomenon (phishing) and then follow the video tutorial. "In the field of… [Read more...]

Spybot Search Destroy antispyware program tutorial video

In this video tutorial we present an antispyware program that can prevent us and get rid of Spyware, Ad-Aware, keylogger and can protect us from spyware. The Romanian is crazy and sick of spying, he likes to know what his neighbor, girlfriend, fiancée is doing, but he doesn't like it when he is spied on by someone. Maybe you also have a program (keylogger) on your computer right now and… [Read more...]

How to surf anonymously on the net without a trace through the network proxy-tor network video tutorial

In this tutorial we will see how you can surf the net without leaving your confidential data or traces on various sites, which can use this data for less legal or ethical purposes. We will use for this a software package with the help of which we will connect on different servers, many in number and which will redirect us from the server to a server until we… [Read more...]

Download the installation and setup faster and smarter work-browser video tutorial

In the following video tutorial you will have the opportunity to see how to download, how to set up and how to use in the end the fastest and smartest web browser that exists on the market at present. Many will not agree with me at first, but after seeing the tutorial and trying the browser I am convinced that they will change their mind. What is so special about this browser? In the … [Read more...]

How can we bring the desktop e-mails from gmail with mozilla thunderbird-video tutorial

In this video tutorial, we will download and install a program that can bring our emails to the desktop and that can help us read an email without being connected to the internet. Think that maybe you have 2-3 e-mail addresses and you won't have to connect to each server because mozilla thunderbird will take care of and bring all your e-mails to [Read more...]