Install and set antivirus avg free edition - video tutorial

In the next video tutorial you will learn where to download, how to install and how to set the best free AVG free edition antivirus. This antivirus has a lot of more interesting settings and modules, but all this consumes resources, this should not be a cause for concern for those who have a high-performance system, but those… [Read more...]

Download install and set up mozilla firefox and add-ons for it - video tutorial

Mozilla firefox is the most popular and best browser today, ahead of the browser that all windows users have installed (internet explorer) The power of this modern browser lies in the multitude of add-ons (extensions) available for free download and ease with which they are installed in firefox. Extension categories are among the most [Read more...]

Spy program neighbors friends children wife and who you want all in one keylogger - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will be able to see how to spy with the help of a keylogger spyware software. The application in this tutorial is amazing, you can theoretically spy from all directions, you can spy on yahoo messenger, you can spy on the browser and what is very interesting, that you can spy on the sound captured from the microphone without any program… [Read more...]

Browser for children (a kind of parental control) - video tutorial

If you want to know your child is safe when he is at the computer, it would be better not to give him full rights and to supervise him. Once the child is online (connected to the internet) it would be good to use a special browser with a parental control module for children that will not allow him to have a navigation on dubious sites that could be harmful… [Read more...]

Install antivirus and firewall setup tutorial Kaspersky Internet Security

The following tutorial presents an installation and setting for the best antivirus with firewall at the moment, namely kaspersky internet security. Why do I say that it is the best antivirus in the world, because it really is and not only I say this but I say the awards I won. The modules included in this firewall antivirus are: firewall, antivirus, anti-spyware,… [Read more...]

Use backup software Acronis True Image acquis video tutorial

Acronis true image is a truly amazing tool for creating backup images. The ease of its interface is incredible, you simply have to follow the steps you take to draw the acronis but at the same time you have a lot of options. I can't believe it when I hear from people (my computer broke down). In Romania there are not many utilities of… [Read more...]

Program to clone hard drives, Acronis tutorial video

Acronis migrate easy is a small software without many options but almost indispensable in many situations. The options that the program has in the following video tutorial are two in number, namely: clone disk and add new disk. In other words, it helps you clone a hard drive or add a new hard drive in an assisted environment. The power of this software will be discovered only… [Read more...]

Installation of software partitioning, Acronis Disk Director Suite

In this video tutorial we will see how to install the acronis disk directory partitioning program, a software that offers a lot of options when working with the hard disk. Partitioning, resizing, checking and many other options become child's play with the acronis disk directory suite. But don't be fooled by the simple and intuitive interface of this software… [Read more...]

Avira antivirus free edition installing a video -tutorial

In this video tutorial we will install a free antivirus together. We chose a free antivirus that we will download, install and set together. In this video tutorial we chose to install an avira antivirus that is very easy for the system, and which pays very well for the tasks of an antivirus. Currently this antivirus is in the top of preferences… [Read more...]