Find viruses without antivirus Process Explorer - Task Manager replacement

Find viruses without Process Explorer antivirus What is the "Find viruses without Process Explorer antivirus" video tutorial? In this video tutorial (Find Viruses Without Antivirus Process Explorer) you will see how to replace the Windows Task Manager with Process Explorer, which is clearly superior, and how to detect viruses in your system without antivirus. Why … [Read more...]

Who's connected to your network? - see everything connected to the network

Who is connected to your network? In this video tutorial you will see how we can find out who is connected with the devices to our network, we will also find out the devices that are connected to the network. Find out who steals your Wi-Fi network who is connected to your network When is it useful to find out which devices are connected to our network? When you forgot your IP [Read more...]

Spy microphone detector GPS trackers and tracking devices

GPS spy tracker microphone detector What is a GPS tracker spy microphone detector for? If you are an important person or simply have a paranoid life partner, you may be tracked by a spy microphone or GPS tracker, and that's why you need a spy microphone detector and GPS trackers. On what principle does it work… [Read more...]

Free ransomware protection Acronis Ransomware Protection

Free Ransomware Protection Acronis Ransomware Protection What is a ransomware infection? Of all digital infections, the most "infected" is ransomware; That's because it encrypts your files, which are almost impossible to decrypt. It's like having the files, but you can't see them, because they are each enclosed in boxes that you can't… [Read more...]

Email temporarily to avoid spam

Temporary email, the permanent email saver Anyone who uses an email address knows that at some point, after some time of use, the email box is filled with spam (unsolicited email) with all kinds of offers or who knows what products. We end up in this situation because over time we used our email address too lightly and left it all [Read more...]

Turns the phone into the surveillance camera

Turn your phone into a surveillance camera for where it's not worth installing cameras. Surveillance cameras do not protect us from thieves, but at least they keep us connected to what happens when we are not where the camera is mounted. As we all know, even if the rooms have become cheaper lately, it still costs you some money to install a room and that's why… [Read more...]

Different IP cameras in an app on Android

Different IP cameras in one application Each surveillance camera manufacturer has its own application with which you can watch live images transmitted by that camera or those surveillance cameras. Problems arise when we have surveillance cameras from different manufacturers. Then you need to open an application for each room. Rooms [Read more...]

Encrypt Whatsapp and Messenger conversations

Encrypting Whatsapp and Messenger conversations The encryption status of conversations in applications. At present, all chat services such as: Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangouts, provide us with encryption methods through which our conversations are protected from the eyes of third parties. What does this encryption mean? Encryption and decryption are techniques by which a text or data… [Read more...]

How not to infect infected sites and viruses - sandboxie

How not to get infected on infected sites and virus applications - sandboxie How not to get infected on infected sites and virus applications - sandboxie In recent years people are increasingly dealing with viruses, spyware and other malicious programs of a new type that have become increasingly sophisticated, and which can be difficult to intercept by a… [Read more...]

USB stick password - portable safety

USB stick password USB stick password - portable security The need to keep your data safe is becoming more and more important, especially in the context of data leaks, unlimited data collection or computer attacks of any kind. Our data is almost 100% in digital format People are starting to realize (a bit late) that the data they… [Read more...]