Removing browsing data from outside Facebook coming from other Off-Facebook Activity sites

Off-Facebook Activity or Off-Facebook Activity What is in the tutorial "Removing navigation data from outside Facebook"? Some time ago Facebook made available to users registered on the platform, a tool for removing browsing data from outside Facebook. This setting allows us to further limit the amount of data that Facebook has… [Read more...]

How not to infect infected sites and viruses - sandboxie

How not to get infected on infected sites and viruses - sandboxie How not to get infected on infected sites and viruses - sandboxie In recent years people have been dealing more with viruses, spyware but also other malicious programs of new type that have become more and more sophisticated, and which can hardly be intercepted by a… [Read more...]

YouTube Kids a special YouTube app for kids

YouTube Kids a special YouTube app for kids Kids are on the tablet or on the phone, BUT! The digital world and technology are good when used constructively, but they can be bad when not used properly. For example, children when they come to YouTube can find very useful information, but also some videos that can "attract their attention". [Read more...]

How Safe or Anonymous is Incognito (Private or InPrivate)

How secure or anonymous is the Incognito mode? What is incognito mode? Incognito or Private or InPrivate mode, from web browsers, is a way that gives us the impression that we are browsing privately. This way your browser works is far from giving you private browsing. How does incognito mode work? In principle, the tab or the incognito window "is said" not to ... [Read more...]

How do you stop behavioral advertising, advertising reads our thoughts

How to stop behavioral advertising From the moralistic wolf ... Advertising that reads our thoughts, or rather, browser history. Classic advertising (paper, radio, TV, display) The advertising industry has come a long way. On TV and radio you are manipulated to the fullest, with crafty words, friendly, whispered, authoritative or arrogant tone, suggestions, comparisons, ethos, ... [Read more...]

How to block the misuse of BITCOIN on your PC

How to block abusive BITCOIN mining on PC What is abusive BITCOIN mining? Lately, due to the ever-increasing price of BITCOIN, hackers are looking for increasingly interesting methods of mining BITCOIN. The last method is to use the processing power of several computers, through software or web scripts, which transforms… [Read more...]

How do I delete my local and online web history - the history on Google servers

How do I delete local and online WEB history? Navigation history - what is it? The browsing history or history is the sum of the data that our browser keeps after visiting some websites. For example: If we go to, the browser will store on the premises (on the phone, laptop, PC, tablet) the following data: 1. Page visited (web address) 2. Time and date of visit ... [Read more...]

As you can see passwords, pictures and pages to others - affected online stores

How do you see the passwords, pictures and pages of others - online stores affected Security IT security is somewhat vague nowadays, when the average user does not differentiate between web and virus vulnerability. We tried to inform as soon as possible, but unfortunately the message did not seem to reach where it was needed. On the contrary, we see as online stores ... [Read more...]

Prevention and elimination programs toolbar / adware

Hi friends, some time ago I explained how some strange software (viruses) get to us in PC and especially in browsers. Then I showed you how to get rid of these inconveniences manually and it was left to show you how to do this automatically. Today we have two applications that will help us prevent their installation and eliminate them, if these misfortunes are already installed. Cleaning ... [Read more...]

How to find the password in characters dotted browser!

Hello friends! Do you know that moment when we access a service or a web page, the browser automatically fills in for us the username and password? Well, as savvy is this option of the browser to save time and to log in quickly to the websites visited internally, it is also dangerous and can leave us without accounts if ... [Read more...]