Net faster by changing DNS and blocking adult malware and content

Net faster by changing DNS What is the net video tutorial faster by changing DNS about? In the faster net tutorial by changing DNS, I will show you how, by changing the DNS you can get a faster net, you can block malware and you can block adult content. How can we get net faster? Net faster by change… [Read more...]

YouTube Kids a special YouTube app for kids

YouTube Kids a special YouTube app for kids Kids sit on their tablet or phone, BUT! The digital world and technology are good when used constructively, but they can also be bad when not used properly. For example, when children enter YouTube, they can find very useful information, but also certain videos that can "attract their attention"… [Read more...]

Blocking children from accessing ADULT websites

Blocking children's access to Adult sites I do not want to morale on this site, which is quite technical, but I must say that a child is good to live his childhood. The duty of parents or older siblings! From my point of view, any responsible adult should be careful where his child goes on the internet, and if he can't or if he doesn't [Read more...]

Fixing the screen in an application on Android - the antidote for curious

Fixing the screen in an Android application is a function that allows us to fix our screen, to stay in a single application and not be able to exit until we enter a password or fingerprint. On which phones can you fix the screen? This feature should be available on any phone with android 5.0 or higher. Now it also depends on the developer, if he decided to… [Read more...]

Parental control android tablets and phones for children

Android parental control, a sum of measures that any parent, who gives the child access to PC / tablet / laptop or phone, should institute, first of all. Parental control blocks children's access to dangerous video content (porn, gambling, violence, etc.). Unfortunately, many parents have no idea how to operate a tablet or a phone and from here… [Read more...]

DNS poisoning method commonly used by hackers

DNS poisoning is a method by which hackers give the impression that they have taken control of certain known or unknown sites. DNS is the protocol that makes the link between the domain name and the IP address, because any site in this world has one. or more IP addresses. When we type in the browser "" our computer has three options for finding the address… [Read more...]

Open DNS, speed, security and Web filtering using DNS

Today we will talk about DNS, a system that helps us replace IPs with domain names, so instead of, which is an IP, our site can be called and you do not have to keep remember that ugly IP. DNS servers store IP addresses and associated sites, so things seem much simpler and have a more personal side. How about [Read more...]

Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, the best security suite - video tutorial

Hello friends, today I will present the famous security suite Kaspersky Internet Security 2012, this suite is probably the best on the market today, Kaspersky company being famous for its efficiency in the fight against cyber threats. Many have the impression that this suite is a simple antivirus, wrong, is a collection of "tools" that give us security… [Read more...]

Tux Paint, drawing software for children between 3 and 12 years old - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's video tutorial I will present a drawing software, it is called Tux Paint, it is free and it is specially designed for children between 3 and 12 years old. The interface of the Tux Paint program is extremely intuitive, perfect for children, the buttons have easy-to-understand icons at a glance, this is very important for software designed for those… [Read more...]

Zoodles a program with drawings, games, books for children, but especially for parents who need a break - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this video tutorial I will teach parents with young children how to leave their heirs in front of the computer safely, without violent games, without vulgar language, only educational activities that can help the child. The software that will help us create an environment sure for "puradei" it's called Zoodles, we also have a plugin for Chrome and Firefox, it's called Kid… [Read more...]