How to Clean Your Phone - Disk Usage User Guide

How to clean your phone What is the video tutorial about, how to clean your phone. In phones we have an internal memory, on which all kinds of data are stored. As time goes on, this memory loads and we have to do some kind of cleaning, and throw away what we don't need anymore. How to clean your phone, you will see in… [Read more...]

Cleaning unnecessary debris from android - empty folders and useless files

Cleaning up unnecessary scrap in android What is this tutorial (Cleaning up unnecessary scrap in android)? In the tutorial cleaning the useless scrap in android we explained how to find / delete, the files that are no longer needed, because they were left behind by the uninstalled applications, and the empty folders that are no longer useful on Android. Where do they appear ... [Read more...]

Clear space clearing WINDOWS duplicate deletion

Clean up free duplicate wipe space WINDOWS Everyone already knows that on Windows you have to do a few more maintenance operations from time to time, so you don't have any problems or slows down your operating system. Windows has some "brooms" and "cloths", but that's not enough. An operating system, in order to function perfectly, needs free space, a disk ... [Read more...]

Enable Safe Mode on Android, detect bugs and issues

Enabling Safe Mode on Android, Bug detection and troubleshooting Safe mode, or Safe mode on Android is the way we can boot, to detect certain problems, bugs, slowdowns, or operating system infections. As with Windows, we also have Android Safe Mode. On Android, Safe Mode is more beautiful, because we have the same resolution, the basic applications are ... [Read more...]

How to get rid of "viruses", ie adware?

Hi friends, today we will see how we get rid of "viruses", as the world tells them, in fact this epidemic is called Adware and it has certainly affected or affected many users of computers or mobile devices. Adware is one or more programs that are installed on the package with the software we want to install, usually comes with free software. In the … [Read more...]

How do I uninstall system applications to free up memory on Android

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can permanently remove / deactivate system applications to free up the internal storage space of a smartphone or tablet running Android operating system. To begin, let's see what exactly "system applications" means. To simplify things, the system applications are the ones that have… [Read more...]

Clean Master us clean unnecessary files from the operating system Android

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about cleaning the Android operating system. Like any operating system, Android needs time-consuming cleaning to remove any remaining files and folders from using applications or uninstalling them. For an atheistic person it is quite difficult to recognize with ... [Read more...]

IObit Uninstaller, uninstall programs in Windows properly and clean - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about an application that helps us to keep our operating system clean and fast after uninstalling the applications we have installed. It is about IObit Uninstaller, an application that does not require installation and which helps us to uninstall any application installed in our operating system in a clean way ... [Read more...]

Finding and deleting unnecessary files from your computer quickly with WinDirStat - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we will clean the computer and recover all the space used by useless files, we will use the WinDirStat application which graphically shows us everything we have on the PC and allows us to delete what we want so easily. With Windows tools it's hard to figure out what the messes are gathering through the computer, not even with CCleaner-like applications. [Read more...]

Process Explorer, the best monitoring software services, a task manager with muscle - video tutorial

Hi friends, today we get to know Process Explorer, this is a process monitoring software that runs in the background in Windows. With the help of Process Explorer we can quickly identify any process or service running invisible in the background. Viruses have such behavior, they run in the background, the user can not see them, sometimes not even a ... [Read more...]