Windows 10 installation tutorial - correct, clean and fast - episode 2

Installing Windows 10 What is this Windows 10 installation tutorial about? This Windows 10 Installation Tutorial is obviously about installing the operating system from Microsoft, called Windows 10. We will go through all the steps from the initial boot, going through my favorite settings during configuration and until installation… [Read more...]

Download original Windows 10 installation - video tutorial - episode 1

What is the original Windows 10 Download tutorial for installation? Download the original Windows 10 for installation is the first in a series of tutorials dedicated to installing and configuring Windows 10 in 2021. Even if the site still has tutorials related to installing Windows 10, there is a need to update the information . ... [Read more...]

Windows 10 license original to 25 lei.

Original Windows 10 license for 25 lei Original legal Windows license at a low price - goodbye pirated OS Ever since Windows appeared, it has been heavily pirated. This is due to the rather high price and poverty. Now, with this ridiculous price, of only 25 lei, you have to be completely unconscious to install another pirated Windows. Why is it so… [Read more...]

Windows download links ISO 7, 8 and 10, any version

ISO 7, 8, and 10 ISO download links Usually Microsoft had a fairly strict policy on downloading ISO images with Windows operating systems. Why has Microsoft changed its download policy? After 2007, when smartphones began to appear on the market, people began to realize that there was another way to access the Internet and [Read more...]