Emoji as file names on Windows 10 🐏

What is the Emoji 😀 tutorial like for file names on Windows 10? In the video tutorial Emoji as file names, I will show you what I learned today wandering on the internet. Totally useless but nice. I'll show you how you can use Emoji in file names. How can we use emoji as file names? ... [Read more...]

Stop Windows Update Windows 10 Pro - no third party applications

What is the Stop Windows Update Windows 10 pro tutorial? In the Stop Windows Update tutorial, Windows 10 pro will show you how to stop Windows Update quickly and without additional programs installed. Why let Windows Update run? Normally it is good to make updates to any operating system. This increases the level of security by adding ... [Read more...]

Quickly shut down your computer including open applications in the background

Quickly shut down your computer including applications What is the Quick Lock on your computer tutorial including open applications? When I say fast computer shutdown including applications, I mean fast PC shutdown without dialogs, no matter what documents or applications are open in the background. Here are some methods that complement ... [Read more...]

Causes for a slow computer, let's see what it has!

Causes for a slow computer What is this "Causes for a slow computer" tutorial, what does this mean? In this video tutorial you will see some causes for a slow computer, here I am talking about the reasons why a PC is moving badly, I have also provided solutions to fix the problems that lead to a slow Windows PC. Causes for a… [Read more...]

Install Windows 10 on Local Account - Microsoft hides this option

Installing Windows 10 on Local Account What is this "Installing Windows 10 on Local Account" tutorial? This video tutorial explains how to do a Windows 10 installation on your local account, because Microsoft in the latest updates hides this option and instructs us (forces) us to use a Microsoft account from the installation phase. What's the difference between an account ... [Read more...]

Portable Windows for PC troubleshooters

Portable Windows for PC Debuggers What is this tutorial? In the tutorial "Windows portable PC troubleshooters" you will see how to make a CD / DVD or portable USB stick, which we will have all kinds of applications, and we will use it to troubleshoot the computer. It's a good idea for every PC user to have such a portable operating system, ... [Read more...]

Windows 10 license original to 25 lei.

Original Windows 10 license for 25 lei Original legal license for a cheap price - goodbye pirated OS Since Windows first appeared, it has been hard hacked. That's because of the rather high price and poverty. Now, with this ridiculous price of only 25 lei, you have to be completely unconscious to install another pirated Windows. Why is it so ... [Read more...]

How to clean Windows 10 from unwanted apps and services

How to clean Windows 10 of unwanted applications and services In today's video we will see how to uninstall all unnecessary applications in Windows 10 Pro. What does bloatware mean? Bloatware are those applications pre-installed by the manufacturer and you, as an end user, are useless, you don't want them, you don't use them and you don't want them. Unfortunately, the operating system ... [Read more...]

How to enable Ultimate Performance on Windows 10

How to enable Ultimate Performance mode on Windows 10 How to activate Ultimate Performance or High Performance mode on Windows 10? Windows Power Modes As we are well aware, Windows has three basic power modes, which of course can be added by the user. The highest performing mode is High Performance or High Performance mode. [Read more...]

Debug network card failure Offline-No connections available (with red X)

Troubleshooting network board Offline - No connections available (with red X) "Offline - No connections available" A few days ago I received a Windows 10 update, which broke my network board, meaning, on the network board icon appeared a red X, in fact it is a red circle with a white X inside. In addition to the X this red one also appears ... [Read more...]