Universal fast charge car charger all fast charge standards

What is this video tutorial about: Universal fast charge car charger with all fast charge standards? In this video tutorial I will introduce you to a universal fast charging car charger that supports almost all fast charging standards. In addition, this charger has two output ports, one USB-C for USB PD 3.0 with PPS, and one USB-A… [Read more...]

Fast Charger Two USB Ports - Recommendations and Tips

Car charger for fast charging two USB ports - recommendations and tips Car charger for fast charging two USB ports How to choose the right charger for your car? The car charger has to be even more versatile than the charger in the house, because most of the times we only have a 12V socket (lighter). A good idea is to choose ... [Read more...]

How to charge a phone from another phone

How do you charge a phone from another phone? Phones are super smart until ... Smart phones are very smart as long as they run out of battery - and it seems as though you are reminded that you should receive an SMS, or an email. If you are close to the outlet it is not a problem, but if you are somewhere without the possibility of charging the phone, it is quite unpleasant. A good place ... [Read more...]

Settings ANDROID BATTERY ECONOMY - all underneath

Settings ANDROID BATTERY ECONOMY The battery life and autonomy of Android phones remains an important topic, especially now that our phones are 100% connected to GSM relays, wifi, bluetooth, NFC and even GPS, Glonass, etc. Why not make progress with batteries? Over the years, huge progress has been made on batteries, and ... [Read more...]

Android battery saving disabling system

Battery economy Android disabling system services Battery is consuming (as you can see!) Smartphones are now an extension of ours, which begins to cause frustration when it is gone. That is, we get out of our minds when the battery runs out. Why not make bigger batteries? There are several answers - I will try to list a few below: 1. A battery ... [Read more...]

How to charge the battery correctly for autonomy and long life

How to properly charge the battery for autonomy and long life Li ion batteries Li ION is the technology that is the basis of rechargeable batteries in our phones and gadgets. Of all the technologies, Li ION is the most balanced choice; This means that it is good enough and cheap enough. Sure, there are more promising technologies, but these are… [Read more...]