Power cable net with PoE or Power Over Ethernet

Net cable power with PoE or Power Over Ethernet PoE or Power Over Ethernet is a technology through which we can carry electricity through net cables to power devices such as surveillance cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones and more. others. The technology is relatively young, but in the future it may be the basis… [Read more...]

Battery Saver on the Android doses (Tips)

Battery saving on Android with Doses How are we? Smartphones have come a long way in the last 10 years and now do just about anything a PC can do; This in a smaller and more portable package. The problem arises when the battery runs out and with it, the magic of the smartphone. In recent years, smart phone manufacturers have made many improvements to… [Read more...]

Citrus Alarm Clock, PC alarm clock that can wake your computer from hibernation - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial I will present a software that plays the role of alarm clock, this "alarm software" is called Citrus Alarm Clock. Citrus Alarm Clock can take the PC out of hibernation to wake us up in the morning (or evening ), so there is no need to leave the computer on overnight. As an alarm sound we can choose a favorite song, this… [Read more...]

How to turn off or restart your PC with a single click on a shortcut - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this tutorial I will show you how we can stop or restart the pc from a shortcut on the desktop, double click on the shortcut and that's it, the pc stops, we will have to do the shortcut, this one will launch shutdown.exe and will shut down or restart the pc instantly or after a certain period of time that we will also fix. The commands are as follows: For… [Read more...]

How to start the computer using the mouse or typing a password on the keyboard - video tutorial

Hello friends, in this tutorial we will learn together how we can start the computer using only the mouse or keyboard without having to press the Turn On (Power) button. Many of you probably have small children who in their play touch without realizing what they are doing, the restart or turn on button of the pc while you work. Obviously if this is… [Read more...]

How much electricity or money does your computer consume per month - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial I will show you how you can determine the electricity consumption of your computer and implicitly the amount of money you have to pay monthly for the electricity consumed by the computer, the operation is very simple, we only need 3 things.1. A free software called Joulemeter.2. A desktop computer or… [Read more...]

Gshutdown, how to schedule a restart or shutdown on Ubuntu Linux - video tutorial

If yesterday my colleague Mihai made a very interesting tutorial on how to schedule a restart or shutdown for Windows, I thought that we new Ubuntu users could become a little "jealous" that they (windows) can do that not. So I put my stomach to work and didn't give up until I found such software for us to do something like that. It is … [Read more...]