How to install windows xp on an AHCI configuration or on a RAID array - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will modify a windows xp pro to be able to install it on a raid matrix or on an AHCI configuration, without using a flopy disk for this job. Normally the installation of a driver before the installation of the operating system is done with flopy, but there are cases when we cannot use flopy and then we have to insert the drivers in the disk… [Read more...]

Setup and cleaning maintenance program for windows xp and vista Ashampoo win optimizer 6 - video tutorial

In the next video tutorial we will see how you can maintain, clean and set windows, be it xp or vista, easy with the Ashampoo win optimizer 6 application, which is very easy to use and has a lot of useful options and available to anyone , all under a pleasant intuitive interface and very easy to use. Intuitive use of settings is the basic rule by which… [Read more...]

Modifying hidden settings in windows xp with the free program Tweak ui - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will be able to see how to get to some hidden settings in windows with the help of a free program called Tweak ui, which we will download right from Microsoft, a company you know very well that it produces windows xp and windows vista and not only. You heard well FREE FROM MICROSOFT, to your surprise and this company… [Read more...]

The best professional maintenance cleaning program for windows tuneup utilities 2008 - video tutorial

In this video tutorial you will be able to watch how to install and how to use the best cleaning, maintenance and defragmentation program, Tuneup utilities 2008. It has all kinds of modules and options very useful for a user who wants his windows to move very good. Tuneup utilities 2008 also contains a very interesting and useful option and… [Read more...]

How to edit a windows xp with nlite - video tutorials

How to modify a windows xp with the help of a software? it's a question I've had to answer many times, but now I've decided to do video tutorials on this topic. Many of us have seen modified windows and wondered, how did those people do them? Well now you can find out how to change a windows xp operating system [Read more...]

Professional maintenance and defragmentation program o & o professional defrag - video tutorial

In this video tutorial you will be able to watch a professional hard disk maintenance and defragmentation software, namely a professional defragmentation edition 11. This software, but in version 10 I also use it and I can say that it is the best existing defragmentation program on the market, of course, is a personal opinion. The interface of this professional defragmentation program [Read more...]

How to uninstall Windows components or programs tutorial video

Everyone knows how to uninstall a program from windows but when it comes to uninstalling or installing a component from windows such as internet explorer, a game, windows messenger, outlook express problems can occur and we do not know how to remove them from windows. In this video tutorial we can indicate the way through which we can open certain types of files such as: web… [Read more...]

Setting windows xp - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we present tricks and settings that can improve our computer performance and that can bring us more energy for a less powerful computer. If we have a computer with a graphics chip or a weaker video card you can give up some graphics for a better running operating system. You can also follow… [Read more...]