How to turn the Windows XP interface to look like a Windows 7 - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will learn together how we can make Windows XP look like Windows 7. The method is very simple and requires only a few clicks. Some smart guys from NiwradSoft offer us a pack called Seven Remix XP that allows us to turn our Windows XP into Windows 7, it's an executable that once downloaded and [Read more...]

Shutdown, PC restart, software startup by pressing a single key - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will learn together how we can close, restart or launch any application on our PC by pressing some key combinations or a single key. Yes, you read that right, although you probably use the operating system every day, be it Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, many of you didn't even know we had this possibility. How [Read more...]

How to customize and install themes on Windows 7 - video tutorial

To personalize means to make a thing look the way you want, by personalizing a thing or why not even an operating system, people reflect their personality, we personalize because we want that thing to represent or express us as well as possible. what we are. In this tutorial we have chosen to talk about how we can customize and install new themes in… [Read more...]

How to make a customized installation kit starting from a program already installed with Install Creator - video tutorial

Hi my name is Sebi and in this video tutorial I will present a very easy to use software to create exe files (kits), this software is called Install Creator and it is a very easy to use tool but at the same time professional, which allows you to create kits for programs that you already have installed. It offers a wizard interface… [Read more...]

How to change or customize the start button (blind) in windows 7 - video tutorial

Hello friends, welcome to, in this video tutorial we will learn how to change the start button on windows, you are probably already used to that button and maybe it seems boring or banal, that's why I made this tutorial, the inspiration for this video tutorial came to me from the comments section, from you, your visitors and friends… [Read more...]

Gshutdown, how to schedule a restart or shutdown on Ubuntu Linux - video tutorial

If yesterday my colleague Mihai made a very interesting tutorial on how to schedule a restart or shutdown for Windows, I thought that we new Ubuntu users could become a little "jealous" that they (windows) can do that not. So I put my stomach to work and didn't give up until I found such software for us to do something like that. It is … [Read more...]

iReboot, how to quickly switch between operating systems when we have multiboot configuration - video tutorial

If in the last tutorials we talked about the Ubuntu Linux operating system, today we will talk about a software for the Windows operating system, more precisely we will talk about the software called iReboot. I say the software because its functions are very few and it does not have an interface but only a context menu when right-clicking on its icon. [Read more...]

How to integrate software in the Windows XP installation kit with nLite - video tutorial

If a few days ago we presented in a video tutorial an online service that allows us to create an executable that contains all our favorite software and finally it by simple execution to install them automatically without us doing anything at all, today I suggest we learn together how to integrate our favorite software in an installation kit… [Read more...]

How to install several programs at once with a single executable - video tutorial

Everyone wants to make a Windows in which to integrate software, so that they are installed automatically after the operating system. I personally do not recommend such a thing and I will explain why. In time new versions of the applications / software that you want to integrate in that Windows will come out, once the CD with the Windows modified by you can be burned. again … [Read more...]

Cube Desktop spectacular effects for windows similar compiz fusion - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this video tutorial we thought of presenting something to delight the eye on windows, for this we will use the Cube Desktop application, this application will help you create more workspaces and browse them with spectacular effects, even if you don't work on multiple desktops, you'll be thrilled by the 3D effects. As you know … [Read more...]