Causes for a slow computer, let's see what it has!

Causes for a slow computer What is this "Causes for a slow computer" tutorial about, what does that mean? In this video tutorial you will see some causes for a slow computer, here I refer to the reasons why a PC moves badly, I also offered solutions to fix problems that lead to a slow Windows PC. Causes for… [Read more...]

Automatic start YouTube, Facebook, Windows startup files

Automatically start YouTube, Facebook, startup files on Windows How do we start applications, files, or webpages, including YouTube startup, when we start our computer? On Windows we have a folder called "Startup". The contents of this folder are executed at the start of the PC and of course the Windows operating system. Why do we want to start applications or… [Read more...]

PC startup error, Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC

PC startup error, Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC This morning, I received an error when starting the PC, it was left in a boot loop, displaying the load messages: Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC or Attempting Repairs. The night before, the power went off for a few seconds, and the PC abruptly shut down, remaining off even after… [Read more...]

Why bad moves and how we do cleaning computer

Hi friends, today we will see why the computer moves slowly, who is to blame and how we clean our computer (software). Many people feel that the processor or RAM is the main culprit when the computer moves too slowly. The truth is that the hard drive is the main culprit for slowing down computers, because they are… [Read more...]

What's New in Windows 8.1

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about the news from the new Windows 8.1 or Windows Blue operating system from Microsoft. the tutorial is very long. Desktop Interface: - Computer Icon Becomes This PC- Internet Explorer 8.1- Libraries or… [Read more...]

How do we stop or restart the computer remotely

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can shut down (remote shut down), restart (remote restart) or put in sleep mode (remote sleep) the home computer even if we are in another location. Not infrequently it happens that we leave home leaving the computer on so that it can finish downloading a movie, a photo album or get it right… [Read more...]

Automatically start programs and change the Send to Windows menu - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I will show you two things, the first is setting the programs to start with windows, the second is to change the context menu "Send to". Windows can launch any application or file at startup, all you have to do is put a shortcut to a Startup folder in C: \ Users \ "user" \ AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start… [Read more...]

How to remove or add applications in the Start menu from Windows 8 - video tutorial

Hi friends in today's tutorial we will talk about Windows 8, more precisely we will see how we can add or remove applications from the Start menu of the Windows 8 operating system. As we well know, in the Windows 8 operating system the Start button that you we know from Windows XP, Vista or 7 has been removed. However, if we place the cursor at the bottom left of the Windows 8 desktop (or… [Read more...]

Some tips for a faster startup on Windows 8 - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I will show you how we can modify the operating system so that it starts faster, the operating system I will do the tutorial is Windows 8 because it has included in the Task Manager a new module that analyzes the applications that go into startup and especially their impact on startup time. And Windows XP, Vista and 7 had [Read more...]

How to set Windows 8 to open the desktop interface on startup - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how when we start the Windows 8 operating system, it enters the Desktop interface alone without our intervention. As you probably already know, basically, Windows 8 at startup will show us the MetroUI interface and to get to the Desktop interface we need to press the Windows key or press the Windows + D keys or… [Read more...]