How do you read and reply to SMS on your computer

How to read and reply to SMS on your computer How to read and reply to SMS on your computer In today's video we will see how we can read the SMS received on your phone and how we can reply to them from any device through the house, be it laptop, tablet, or PC. Why is it useful to be able to read SMS and answer, from any device, not necessarily… [Read more...]

Troubleshoot disk usage or disk usage 100%

Solving the problem with disk usage or disk usage 100% It is said that Windows is a great operating system, as long as you do not use it. With the installation of applications or an antivirus in this operating system, some problems may occur. One of the problems that has plagued Windows users for several years now is the use of the processor and… [Read more...]

How to copy your mobile photos to a Wi-Fi wireless PC

How to copy photos from mobile to PC wirelessly via Wi-Fi Photo Companion is an application for Android and iOS, with which we can transfer photos and videos from phone to PC, without cables, only via wifi. How does Photo Companion work? 1. On your phone, whether it's Android or iOS, you need to install the Photo Companion application. 2. On the PC (Windows 10) we need to launch… [Read more...]

Error 0x80070422 Windows Update or other services - TUTORIAL VIDEO

Troubleshooting Error 0x80070422 on Windows Update or other services - VIDEO TUTORIAL Error (0x80070422) occurs when changes have been made to certain settings in Windows. What is the error (0x80070422)? In my case, this error occurred with Windows Update, and it was no longer possible to update Windows. Error "0x80070422" may also occur in connection with other services or [Read more...]

Find and delete duplicate files, videos or documents all at once

Find and delete duplicate files, video pictures or documents Once you copy files, such as pictures, documents, videos, etc., to your PC, you can make duplicates that consume our space and annoy us when we want to access the files. How to make duplicates in PC? For the existence of duplicate files in the PC are many, below are the main reasons: 1. Copy… [Read more...]

How we do cleanup and free space in Windows

How do we clean and free up space in Windows From year to year Windows grows more and more. I remember Windows XP, which felt good on a 32GB hard drive. Now Windows 10 doesn't even have 250GB left. In reality, Windows doesn't take up much space Most of it takes up space, hibernation, virtual memory, third-party applications, and files that [Read more...]

How do Android phone faster with TRIM

How to make your Android phone faster with TRIM Why do phones move hard after a period of use? You've probably noticed that after a few days or weeks of buying a new phone, it's starting to move harder and harder. Is RAM to blame? Usually many blame RAM, but it is often the fault of internal memory for… [Read more...]

How to send pictures and video via SMS - extremely simple

How to send pictures and videos via SMS The fastest and most robust way to send pictures, videos or files is via SMS. SMS is available to everyone on the phone and it is almost impossible not to receive the SMS message with pictures or video files. Now, everyone knows that in fact you can't send pictures or video files via SMS, but we can do a [Read more...]

Tips and Tips on Android 2017 - Very Useful

Tricks and useful tips on Android 2017 - Android phones and tablets do not come with a user manual, and not even the android system has a manual that the user can read from cover to cover, to get the most out of his phone or tablet. Tricks and useful tips on Android 2017 Fortunately now all you have to do is do a few searches on… [Read more...]

Automatic start YouTube, Facebook, Windows startup files

Automatically start YouTube, Facebook, startup files on Windows How do we start applications, files, or webpages, including YouTube startup, when we start our computer? On Windows we have a folder called "Startup". The contents of this folder are executed at the start of the PC and of course the Windows operating system. Why do we want to start applications or… [Read more...]