The best professional maintenance cleaning program for windows tuneup utilities 2008 - video tutorial

In this video tutorial you will be able to watch how to install and how to use the best cleaning, maintenance and defragmentation program, Tuneup utilities 2008. It has all kinds of modules and options very useful for a user who wants his windows to move very good. Tuneup utilities 2008 also contains a very interesting and useful option and… [Read more...]

How to edit a windows xp with nlite - video tutorials

How to modify a windows xp with the help of a software? it's a question I've had to answer many times, but now I've decided to do video tutorials on this topic. Many of us have seen modified windows and wondered, how did those people do them? Well now you can find out how to change a windows xp operating system [Read more...]

Setting windows xp - video tutorial

In this video tutorial we present tricks and settings that can improve our computer performance and that can bring us more energy for a less powerful computer. If we have a computer with a graphics chip or a weaker video card you can give up some graphics for a better running operating system. You can also follow… [Read more...]

Aero interface of Vista on XP

Everyone wants his system to move well and especially to look very good, maybe as good as his mac or vista aero, but without giving up the functionality of xp. Now we have the solution to this problem and it is called vista inspired by brico pack, an application that dresses xp in new and shiny clothes. Next video tutorial on change… [Read more...]

Programs to clean and maintain your windows

In this tutorial video we present a free program that can get rid of errors or temporary ones that do nothing but make it difficult for our windows or another operating system. With CCleaner we can take out programs that start in startup and do nothing but eat us resources that your PC needs so much when you start it or after a restart. All with … [Read more...]

How to delete a file locked or unlocked with free Unlocker

Problems with folders or locked files? In this video tutorial we show you how to delete or unlock a file using the unlocker software. It often happens that we can no longer delete a file, whether it is running a service or a process in windows that we do not know or cannot stop. A problem can become when and after I restarted the pc its folder… [Read more...]

Installation of software partitioning, Acronis Disk Director Suite

In this video tutorial we will see how to install the acronis disk directory partitioning program, a software that offers a lot of options when working with the hard disk. Partitioning, resizing, checking and many other options become child's play with the acronis disk directory suite. But don't be fooled by the simple and intuitive interface of this [Read more...]

Uninstall the software to correct uninstaler revo-video tutorial

In this tutorial you will follow how we can uninstall programs correctly, using a professional and free software and named or baptism revo uninstaller. Revo uninstaller will not only help us to uninstall a program correctly but will also make order after it by cleaning the registers but also the temporary files left behind by software that only makes it difficult… [Read more...]