Integration updates and service packs in Windows 7, 8 Windows, Microsoft Office and 8.1

Hello friends. In today's tutorial we will see how to integrate security updates and Service Pack 1 (SP1) in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office suite. Why integrate security updates and service pack into the operating system? Not a few times I was able to reinstall [Read more...]

Enable Safe Mode on Android, detect bugs and issues

Enabling Safe Mode on Android, detecting bugs and problems Safe Mode, or safe mode on Android is the way we can boot, to detect certain problems, bugs, slowdowns or infections of the operating system. Like Windows, we have Android Safe Mode. On Android, Safe Mode is more beautiful, because we have the same resolution, the basic applications are… [Read more...]

Music on Youtube on the phone screen off or background

YouTube music on the phone with the screen off We all know that nowadays music is listened to on YouTube. All artists launch new songs on Youtube, because in this way they quickly reach the public, and in addition, check / confirm their popularity. Over time, a lot of songs have been collected on Youtube, which, in addition, can be organized in playlists, where you can gather… [Read more...]

PC startup error, Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC

PC startup error, Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC This morning, I received an error when starting the PC, it was left in a boot loop, displaying the load messages: Preparing automatic repair, Diagnosing your PC or Attempting Repairs. The night before, the power went off for a few seconds, and the PC abruptly shut down, remaining off even after… [Read more...]

Windows 10 multitasking tutorial - Windows 10 efficiency and speed

Windows 10 multitasking tutorial What do we do when we have a lot of windows open on the desktop? Most users drag windows to make room, or minimize / maximize one window at a time, until the window with the desired application is found. Multitasking on Windows 10, helps us do our job much faster and more elegant. When we have more… [Read more...]

iPhone faster through the total elimination of animations

iPhone faster, by completely eliminating animations Smartphone users have always appreciated the fact that the iPhone moves well and is always predictable. iOS is a fully balanced operating system for reasonable resource consumption, fluent experience, appearance and simplicity. Few people know that iOS is also a little smart; Under the animations made… [Read more...]

Remix OS, Android PC, almost like a Windows

Remix OS is an Android-based operating system that closely resembles a Windows or rather, an operating system designed for mouse and keyboard. The basis of Remix OS is Android x86, about which I also made a tutorial. However, compared to Android x86, Remix OS is easier to use on PC, because it has multi-window support; practically every… [Read more...]

Block calls from private or unknown numbers

Over time, I have done several tutorials related to the subject, but this method today is the simplest and most elegant. The possibility of blocking calls, coming from private or unknown numbers, is very important, especially at night, when we want to sleep, without being bothered by jokers. We must not forget the scams that [Read more...]

Install Windows 10 - video tutorial

Installing Windows 10 Now that Windows 10 is stable, I've decided to do a full tutorial on installing Windows 10. We'll go through all the steps together, from downloading to installing on a computer. What do we need to install Windows 10? This installation will be a clean one, meaning we will not just upgrade from an older version to… [Read more...]

Android on your PC or laptop, suuuper quickly 105.378 in AnTuTu

Android on PC or laptop, the fastest Android ever. Android on PC or laptop is very easy to run or install. We need a USB stick and an ISO image with Android x86. If you don't know how to put Android on a stick, Adrian made a tutorial for you that will show you how to put Android on a stick with Rufus. ISO image with the latest stable version of Android, a… [Read more...]