Protect against copying a USB stick, SD card or external disk

What is it about in the USB Stick Copy Protection tutorial? At your request, which you addressed in the comment box, we searched for and found a USB stick copy protection software that helps us protect usb stick copies, SD memory cards or any other device. external storage. Thus, they cannot be copied from a USB stick ... [Read more...]

Repair unrecognized USB stick PortableBaseLayer

PortableBaseLayer Unrecognized USB Stick Repair About PortableBaseLayer Unknown USB Stick Repair Tutorial? In the video tutorial Repair Portable USB Stick Unknown PortableBayLayer you will see how to solve the problem of a USB stick not recognized by your computer and that displays the text PortableBaseLayer in Disk Management. [Read more...]

Remix OS, Android PC, almost like a Windows

Remix OS is an Android-based operating system that looks a lot like Windows or better, with an operating system designed for the mouse and keyboard. At the base of Remix OS is Android x86, of which I made a tutorial. However, unlike Android x86, Remix OS is easier to use on the PC, because it has many windows support; basically, every one ... [Read more...]

How instaleazaza a Windows XP on a USB stick using his mojopac - HD video tutorial

In this video tutorial I will present a very interesting application that I am sure you will love immediately, this is a software that will put windows xp on a USB stick or an external hard drive. I must say from the beginning that this stick or hard that we will put windows xp will not be able to boot from the bios, it is used by the operating system ... [Read more...]

How to install and run software on a USB stick with PortableApps - video tutorial

In this tutorial we will learn how to use the USB stick to store ready-installed programs that we can launch at any time and on any computer. Many of you have usb sticks on your home that you no longer use, so I thought to get that dusty usb stick out of the drawer and give it a new life. With the help of the application, or rather ... [Read more...]

Linux stick (how to put Linux on a usb stick a) tutorial video

How to put a linux on a usb stick? It is a question that many have asked but have not found an answer. Now you have this answer in this video tutorial on how to put a linux on a usb stick. This video tutorial is part of a longer series of tutorials on free software, open source software and Linux distributions. Unetbootin is the application that will ... [Read more...]