How to copy your mobile photos to a Wi-Fi wireless PC

How to copy photos from mobile to PC wirelessly via Wi-Fi Photo Companion is an application for Android and iOS, with which we can transfer photos and videos from phone to PC, without cables, only via wifi. How does Photo Companion work? 1. On your phone, whether it's Android or iOS, you need to install the Photo Companion application. 2. On the PC (Windows 10) we need to launch… [Read more...]

Windows copy security spoiled, restoration with AOMEI

Corrupt Windows backup, restore with AOMEI If last time I showed you how to back up your system with AOMEI, today you will see how to restore a backup when the PC does not start due to a Windows broken. What is a backup? Backup, or backup is an image that contains a copy of the files… [Read more...]

The Best Free Backup Program - AOMEI

The best free backup program - AOMEI Backup is probably the most important activity for data security. Unfortunately, not all of us back up as we should, and we end up losing our data, often without being able to recover it. Why back up - The best free backup program - AOMEI - To keep our data safe from hardware failure… [Read more...]

Higher speed on Google Drive with Rclone - 300Mbps

Online storage is Ok, but the speed ... Even if you have unlimited online storage, what's the use if the upload and download speed doesn't satisfy you? Whether you use the web interface in the browser or the data synchronization client, the transfer speed to and from the cloud is very low. I barely reached 30 Mbps stable (3.5 MB / s). Upload and download on Google Drive at 300… [Read more...]

Move to a different phone games and applications without loss of data Helium

Moving games and applications to another phone without losing data, settings and game progress can be quite easy if we use the right method. In today's tutorial I will present the Helium application, which helps us to backup, restore and synchronize applications between two android devices (premium version). How to backup your phone? With … [Read more...]

SyncMate Wireless, personal cloud in my PC

SyncMe Wireless, personal cloud in my PC SyncMe is an Android application that can synchronize your phone with your PC, as a kind of personal cloud storage. People keep asking me, "What is the best cloud storage?" What do we need cloud, when we can make our own personal cloud storage. That way we won't have to pay monthly subscriptions, which are not cheap at all. ... [Read more...]

Syncthing, automatic synchronization of data private and secure

Syncthing, Syncthing, automatic private and secure data synchronization, for those who care about privacy Syncthing is a cross platform application (works on most operating systems), which helps us to synchronize files between several remote devices. The application is a kind of Bittorrent Sync, but more secure, because it is open source, it does not require… [Read more...]

Automatic saving photos and documents safe with SyncToy

... Updated tutorial ... Automatically save photos and documents, safely with SyncToy Hello friends, in this video tutorial we will talk about the SyncToy application, this folder synchronization software is produced by Microsoft and costs nothing, anyone can download from the Microsoft website or from, at the end of this introductory text above… [Read more...]

Auto Backup SD card or USB stick PC

Nowadays, with 4k and 50 megapixel photos, SD cards charge pretty fast; We have 4k video bitrates at 100 Mbps and even 1080p at 200 Mbps (Lumix GH4), and the cameras have 36, 42 or 50 megapixels (D810, A7R, 5Ds). Automatic copying of SD card or USB stick to PC Copying movies and pictures from card to PC can be automated using the application… [Read more...]

Total control of a PC phone with AirDroid

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about AirDroid, an extremely interesting application that allows us to manage your Android smartphone or tablet remotely, without data cables, without drivers, directly from your PC, laptop or even a another tablet. For this to happen, your Android smartphone or tablet will need to be connected to the same [Read more...]