How to make an iso image with PowerISO video tutorial

In the next video tutorial we will learn how to create an iso image with poweriso and how to manipulate this virtual format using this software. It is good when we have some CDs or DVDs that we want to back up and the most suitable format for this is the iso, uif or daa format. Simply insert the disc and press a few… [Read more...]

How can burn a CD in audio format (track) with nero-tutorial

In this video tutorial, we show you how we can burn a CD in audio or track format with the nero program. Suppose we have in the house an older audio combo or a radio cd that cannot read mp3, mp4, etc. and then we will be forced to burn the cd in track (audio) format. When we want to download a song in audio format, we will find it under… [Read more...]

Install and set black essentials - video tutorial

Nero is a very popular dvd cd burning software suite in Romania and beyond. It seems that lately the German software company has started to introduce more and more applications in this suite. However, the optical media recording module has remained the spearhead of the company, the other software inside the suite remaining in the shadows… [Read more...]

How to make a bootable CD from an ISO image with nero -Video tutorial

In this video tutorial we will burn (burn) an iso image with the nero application and you will be able to learn how to make a bootable cd regardless of the operating system be it xp, vista, or linux We can also learn how to mount an iso image using the program daemon tools and how we can mount a game, an operating system or anything else in iso format. We will prepare… [Read more...]

Nero burning a disk with the 1 (video tutorials)

In this article we will deal with one of the many functions of the NERO software suite. Why the suite? , pdf, and more. In the following tutorials… [Read more...]