MBR in GPT without loss of data, what are the differences

MBR in GPT without data loss What is MBR or GPT? MBR = master boot record GPT = GUID partition table MBR and GPT are "partion tables" or in Romanian partitioning systems or schemes. These are small partitions that contain data about the partitions on the disk, the type of partitions, the file system used, and more. What's the difference … [Read more...]

A partition from multiple drives

A partition of several disks A partition of several disks .... for what it is possible Even if you have the impression that this tutorial will not use you immediately, it is a good thing to know, to understand how dynamic volumes work in Windows . It's good to know how to make a partition from multiple disks. You will also understand how some are made… [Read more...]

Create a new partition on a Windows disk

Creating a new partition on a Windows disk In this tutorial I will show you how to create a new partition on a Windows 7, 8 or 10 disk, even if your SSD or HHD is used. The first step is to resize the C: partition To make room for the new partition, we need to shrink the C: partition, that is, the Windows partition. The new space is unallocated. Immediately after… [Read more...]

Enlarge the C: \ partition with the Windows system by attaching another partition

Enlarging the C: \ partition by attaching another partition When you purchase a laptop or simply install Windows for the first time, your hard disk or SSD may have multiple partitions. In addition to normal Windows partitions, we may have other partitions or even unallocated space. Why increase the C: \ partition on which the operating system sits? The answer … [Read more...]

How to make a Windows recovery partition - from a current partition

How do you make a recovery partition with Windows? We need a little free space on one of the hard drives and the EasyBCD application, which can be downloaded for free. Important: Before we start I will tell you how to make a recovery partition with Windows, you must understand that in this tutorial we will do a reallocation of space, which involves changing the partitions. If not … [Read more...]

Install Windows 10 - video tutorial

Installing Windows 10 Now that Windows 10 is stable, I've decided to do a full tutorial on installing Windows 10. We'll go through all the steps together, from downloading to installing on a computer. What do we need to install Windows 10? This installation will be a clean one, meaning we will not just upgrade from an older version to… [Read more...]

How to install Windows Vista, 7 or 8 without DVD or USB stick - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can install Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows 8 without using a DVD or a USB stick. The idea for this tutorial came to me from the comment of a user who asked us in the comments section "how to install Windows 7 without CD / DVD or USB stick?" Well, this is possible, but we still need a source… [Read more...]

How to properly install Windows 8 operating system (part 2) - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how to install the Windows 8 operating system. If last time we talked about downloading it and how to make a usb stick or a bootable DVD, today we will see how to install the latest operating system from Microsoft. In the first part of the installation everything is as we know from the installation of Windows 7 only that, Windows 8… [Read more...]

How to move the Windows operating system from the hard disk to another HDD or SSD - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's video tutorial we will talk about moving an operating system with the software installed with another hard disk or from the current hard disk to SSD. we use it to give the computer a new life, a better speed, a shorter access time, overall we want the PC to move better. [Read more...]

How to make a bootable USB stick With Windows Vista, 7 or 8 in Ubuntu Linux - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can make a bootable USB stick that we will put Windows Vista, 7 or Windows 8 Developer Preview, with Ubuntu Linux as the main operating system. It may happen that someone buys a Laptop that comes with the Ubuntu Linux operating system pre-installed. Suppose the one who does this does not own another… [Read more...]