Install Android and Windows on the same PC in Dual Boot

Today I thought I would show you how to do an Android installation in Dual Boot with Windows 10 - Install Android and Windows on the same PC in Dual Boot. Windows and Android on the same PC Dual Boot Even if we install Android on the same PC, we will use another disk, just to edit any problems. We kept everything simple and less dangerous. Backup before… [Read more...]

Create a new partition on a Windows disk

Creating a new partition on a Windows disk In this tutorial I will show you how to create a new partition on a Windows 7, 8 or 10 disk, even if your SSD or HHD is used. The first step is to resize the C: partition To make room for the new partition, we need to shrink the C: partition, that is, the Windows partition. The new space is unallocated. Immediately after… [Read more...]

Persistent USB stick pc pc without loss of data at restart

Persistent USB stick Android pc PC without data loss at restart Android x86 is an Android version for PC, which can be run from a USB stick without the need to install Android on PC. The problem with these live USB sticks is that they don't keep their data after restart. USB stick with Android for PC that does not lose data on restart! I found the best [Read more...]

Installing applications and Android on PC - with the Play Store

Installing applications and the Android system on the PC - with the Play Store The beauty of the personal computer (PC) lies in flexibility - meaning you can install any operating system you want, as long as you know what you're doing and save your data beforehand. Why isn't Android on the PC (officially) too? The Android operating system was built from the idea that it will serve on mobile devices. ... [Read more...]

SD card copying directly to an external HDD without PC - IN HOLIDAY

Copy SD card, directly to an external HDD, without PC - ON HOLIDAY When we go on vacation, it seems we don't want to take our laptop with us. Why carry extra luggage and risk running out of it (as in some countries it is stolen). However, we need a method of copying the files, which are stored on the phone or on the SD card in the camera. How to copy files [Read more...]

Windows copy security spoiled, restoration with AOMEI

Corrupt Windows backup, restore with AOMEI If last time I showed you how to back up your system with AOMEI, today you will see how to restore a backup when the PC does not start due to a Windows broken. What is a backup? Backup, or backup is an image that contains a copy of the files… [Read more...]

The Best Free Backup Program - AOMEI

The best free backup program - AOMEI Backup is probably the most important activity for data security. Unfortunately, not all of us back up as we should, and we end up losing our data, often without being able to recover it. Why back up - The best free backup program - AOMEI - To keep our data safe from hardware failure… [Read more...]

Find and delete duplicate files, videos or documents all at once

Find and delete duplicate files, video pictures or documents Once you copy files, such as pictures, documents, videos, etc., to your PC, you can make duplicates that consume our space and annoy us when we want to access the files. How to make duplicates in PC? For the existence of duplicate files in the PC are many, below are the main reasons: 1. Copy… [Read more...]

Enlarge the C: \ partition with the Windows system by attaching another partition

Enlarging the C: \ partition by attaching another partition When you purchase a laptop or simply install Windows for the first time, your hard disk or SSD may have multiple partitions. In addition to normal Windows partitions, we may have other partitions or even unallocated space. Why increase the C: \ partition on which the operating system sits? The answer … [Read more...]

How to make a Windows recovery partition - from a current partition

How do you make a recovery partition with Windows? We need a little free space on one of the hard drives and the EasyBCD application, which can be downloaded for free. Important: Before we start I will tell you how to make a recovery partition with Windows, you must understand that in this tutorial we will do a reallocation of space, which involves changing the partitions. If not … [Read more...]