Repair unrecognized USB stick PortableBaseLayer

PortableBaseLayer Unrecognized USB Stick Repair What is the PortableBaseLayer Unrecognized USB Stick Repair tutorial about? In the PortableBaseLayer Unrecognized USB Stick Repair video tutorial, you will see how to troubleshoot an unrecognized USB stick by your computer that displays the text PortableBaseLayer in Disk Management. [Read more...]

SD card copying directly to an external HDD without PC - IN HOLIDAY

Copy SD card, directly to an external HDD, without PC - ON HOLIDAY When we go on vacation, it seems we don't want to take our laptop with us. Why carry extra luggage and risk running out of it (as in some countries it is stolen). However, we need a method of copying the files, which are stored on the phone or on the SD card in the camera. How to copy files [Read more...]

Recover accidentally deleted photos and files

Recovering deleted pictures and files Recovering deleted pictures or files is a serious problem, especially nowadays, when any digital document is stored on a hard disk, ssd, cd, dvd or usb stick. Sooner or later each of us will make the mistake, accidentally delete important files. Fortunately, the data deleted from an hdd, ssd, stick, [Read more...]

Auto Backup SD card or USB stick PC

Nowadays, with 4k and 50 megapixel photos, SD cards charge pretty fast; We have 4k video bitrates at 100 Mbps and even 1080p at 200 Mbps (Lumix GH4), and the cameras have 36, 42 or 50 megapixels (D810, A7R, 5Ds). Automatic copying of SD card or USB stick to PC Copying movies and pictures from card to PC can be automated using the application… [Read more...]

Backup hidden recovery partition in Windows

Backup hidden recovery partition from Windows Any new, licensed laptop or desktop has a hidden partition where there is a backup of the operating system with drivers, programs and Windows license. Many delete that partition, and it's not good; Because it is a ready-made backup, which can save us from trouble and also make our lives easier. Those who delete the recovery partition,… [Read more...]

Write protected USB drive FIX (final solution)

Troubleshooting "USB Drive is Write Protected! Hi friends, some time ago I did a tutorial in which I solved the problem of an undetected USB stick. In the comments section of that article, you posted many of the problems you encounter with certain stick write protected, ie sticks that cannot be written, cannot be formatted and cannot be deleted… [Read more...]

Hackintosh project, the 2, USB stick installation training UEFI - video tutorial

Hello friends, welcome to, today we reached level 2 with our series of tutorials about Hackintosh. Last time we talked about the components needed for a Hackintosh and today we will see how to make a bootable usb stick with MacOS X Mount Lion on Windows, yes you heard right, we will make the usb stick with MacOS on Windows. You should know that this [Read more...]

Pandora Recovery and ICare Data Recovery, data recovery programs - video tutorial

Hi friends, this video tutorial is about an extremely sensitive topic namely security and data recovery. We always get to do things exactly the right way, I mean keeping data in one place (all eggs in one cos), from here to the loss of data is only a matter of time, that's because we are not… [Read more...]

How to recover a deleted partition using Acronis Disk Director - video tutorial

Hello friends, in today's tutorial we will see how we can recover a partition with all the existing data on it. It can happen that we accidentally delete a partition by carelessness or it can often happen that by using the software in an inappropriate way, they leave us without one or more partitions. In these cases it helps us… [Read more...]

PC Inspector File Recovery, recovery of accidentally deleted data or from formatted drives - video tutorial

Hello friends, before presenting today's tutorial, I want to tell you that has completed 500 tutorials, don't worry, don't panic, I'll keep you posted, I'll let you know when I can do 1000. Today I will present you a software with program for recovering lost data due to accidental deletion or formatting of a drive. The recovery software is called PC… [Read more...]