Increase the performance of weak systems with ReadyBoost and a simple USB stick - video tutorial

Hi friends, in this tutorial I want to introduce you to a function that helps us improve computer performance with a simple USB stick, this technology is called ReadyBoost and can be found on windows vista and windows 7. ReadyBoost can help computers with memory little and weak hard drives, if you have an SSD on the system, there is no point in… [Read more...]

How can we use a headset and a Bluetooth usb adapter to talk on Yahoo Messenger - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial I set out to show you how we can use a bluetooth headset and a bluetooth usb adapter to make voice calls on Yahoo Messenger. If you already have a laptop you are exempt from purchasing a bluetooth adapter on USB, most laptops have integrated this from the factory. If you have a Desktop PC, you will need to… [Read more...]

WinToFlash or how to install windows 7, xp or vista on a computer without CD or DVD - video tutorial

Hello friends, I am pleased to present a small but powerful software, this software is called WinToFlash, it is produced by Novicorp, the software is free and extremely simple, it helps us to put an operating system on a USB stick or card flash. WinToFlash can transfer an entire operating system to a USB stick after first formatting and making it… [Read more...]

How can we transfer a file larger than 4 gig on a USB stick or an external hard drive

In this video tutorial we will present you, bigger than 4 gigs on a usb stick. When we buy a USB stick, it will come in FAT 32 format. This format allows us the ease of manipulating the stick and being able to remove it from the PC without any risk. The only problem with the fat 32 format is that it does not we can transfer a file larger than 4 gigabytes. One of the solutions being to l [Read more...]