Install Windows 11 ON ANY COMPUTER - and old PCs without TPM

What is the Windows 11 installation tutorial on any computer about? In this video tutorial we will see how to do a Windows 11 installation on any computer. It doesn't matter if your PC has a TPM or not. Minimum requirements for Windows 11 It is known that Microsoft has stricter minimum requirements for Windows 11. Thus, in order to be able to install the new operating system,… [Read more...]

Upgrade Windows 11 on older computers - if we have at least TPM 1.2

What is the Windows 11 Upgrade tutorial on older computers about? In today's video tutorial, Upgrading Windows 11 on Old Computers. I'll show you how you can upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11 if you have older components that don't support TPM 2.0 Why Windows 11 doesn't work on older computers When Windows 11 launches, those from… [Read more...]

Copy and paste pictures in WhatsApp or other applications - Gboard clipboard

What is the tutorial on copying and pasting pictures in WhatsApp? For the most part, in the video tutorial Copying and pasting pictures in WhatsApp, you will see what are the differences between the Andrid clipboard and the Gboard keyboard clipboard. We will see how you can copy and paste pictures or GIFs directly from the net, in applications like Whatsapp or in note applications. There is … [Read more...]

Read WhatsApp messages without the sender's knowledge - the ticks don't turn blue

What is it about in the video tutorial Read WhatsApp messages without the sender's knowledge? In today's video tutorial, Read WhatsApp messages without the sender's knowledge, I will show you how to read WhatsApp messages, without seeing the person who sent the message. Are the apps that help you see messages without being seen OK? I do not recommend using applications,… [Read more...]

Enable Dark Theme in Google Search - finally darkness and desktop

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Install Windows laptop Intel generation 11 - when the SSD is not visible

Installing Windows laptop Intel gen 11 Tiger Lake What is the tutorial about Installing Windows laptop Intel generation 11? I will show you an installation of Windows laptop Intel generation 11. It is for laptops with Tiger Lake processor, on which you can not install Windows, because you do not see the SSD. Why not see the SSD on some laptops with Intel processor… [Read more...]

Configurator for custom wardrobe Ikea Platsa - video tutorial

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Turn on the flashlight and the camera by shaking the phone

What is the flashlight and camera start-up tutorial about? In this video tutorial (Turning on the flashlight and camera by shaking the phone) I will show you how to quickly open the camera or flashlight of your Android phone by shaking it. Why launch your flashlight or camera by shaking your phone? Into the … [Read more...]

Online check ROVINIETA ITP and RCA before the road

What is the ROVINIETA ITP and RCA online verification tutorial about? Before leaving, it is a good idea to do an online check for ROVINIETA, ITP and RCA, so as not to wake up with fines. In this video op tutorial I will show you how you can do this check. Why check online the validity of ROVINIETA RCA SI ITP? It's good to be sure… [Read more...]

Withdraw money from the ATM without a card and without having your phone with you

Withdrawal from ATM Without Card What is the Withdrawal of ATM without card tutorial? Today I will show you how to withdraw money from an ATM without a card and without a phone. Withdrawal can be made at any time, even on weekends. The one who withdraws the money can be anyone and does not have to give the data or present an identity card at… [Read more...]