Tronsmart Apollo Q10 review high autonomy - wireless headphones with ANC

Tronsmart Apollo Q10 review high autonomy What is the Tronsmart Apollo Q10 tutorial with high autonomy about? Today we have a review with the Tronsmart Apollo Q10 headphones, wireless headphones with very long autonomy. It may sound incredible, but in one month I uploaded them only once and they are at 50%. What's with the Tronsmart Apollo Am headphones? [Read more...]

Intel Optane 900P review the SSD that brings the change

Intel Optane 900P review The SSD that brings change About the SSD we talked about over time on On every occasion we tried to recommend SSDs for the operating system, because these devices are very fast and everything will move faster on an SSD. Intel Optane 900P review What's new in the world of SSDs. Over the years, by… [Read more...]

AC PAH review Mikrotik, router top unjustly ignored

Mikrotik hAP AC is the top of the range Latvian manufacturer's SOHO range. This wireless router does not boast solid marketing, but it can boast of the performance and functions protected by the Router OS operating system, which turns the wireless router into a real super smart router. Mikrotik hAP AC review, a top router. Microtik design hAP [Read more...]

Xiaomi yi, cheap sport the best room

Sports cameras are a special category, designed to help us quickly capture images and videos, without confusing or slowing us down. Sports cameras have been around for a long time, but in the consumer segment, they were popularized by the GoPro company, which in 2004 launched the first camera for surfers, capable of filming and photographing the action up close, where [Read more...]

Sony UWP D11, lavalier wireless YouTuber

Hello friends, today I will present Sony UWP D11 a wireless lavalier that comes with a lot of functions, functions that place this lavalier a little above the Sennheiser EW 112-P G3 (G3 owners will not agree). Sony UWP D11 is a kit consisting of a transmitter, a receiver, the lavalier microphone and the cables needed to connect a camcorder to a… [Read more...]

Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-I camera IP surveillance 3MP

Hello friends, today I will present a surveillance camera from Hikvision, it is about the DS-2CD2732F-I model, which comes with a 1/3 inch sensor at a maximum resolution of 3 megapixels. The DS-2CD2732F-I surveillance camera comes in a metal case with a vandal proof dome design, with a variofocal lens from 2.8mm to 12mm and an f1.2 aperture. Can film… [Read more...]

LG G3 review, super smartphone with good and bad

Hi friends, today is the time for the verdict for LG G3, the super phone I've been testing for a week or so. We have reached some conclusions, some are good, unfortunately we also have some less good news. I received the LG G3 phone for testing from, which during this period have a very good offer for the LG G3 together with an LG tablet on offer. If … [Read more...]

LG G3 presentation, mortal enemy of S5

Hello friends, today I will present you probably the most interesting smartphone at the moment, it is the LG G3 that comes with a lot of functions and features that come to make it easier for us and improve our experience in use. I received the phone for testing from, which currently has a consistent discount for the LG G3. If you walk through the online store… [Read more...]