Some tips to make sure you download what you "need" from torrents - video tutorial

Hi friends, in today's tutorial we will talk about torrents. Specifically we'll see what should be considered when download torrents, how to guard against writers upload torrents uploaded malicious fake torrents namely the (false), and as we realize if what you download is what we are interested.
Of course, everyone frequently uses this file download method, but not as many people know how to avoid the bad side of this download method. Leaving aside the fact that overall the download (most files) on torrents is not legal (which is why in the title we find "what should be" put in quotes) we will see what are the exact steps to avoid virus files, fake , what and where to pay attention when looking for and downloading a torrent. The problem is a bit more delicate considering that overall, downloading from torrents is a bad thing. It is strange to learn to avoid something bad or potentially dangerous that you know from the beginning that the practice itself is bad. Most of us, when we say torrents, we think of piracy, illegality and coming up with a solution that prevents us from suffering something bad using an illegal method sounds extremely strange. And yet, digressing a little, it exists. Let's not forget that the P2P protocol is not always used for illegal purposes. Many open source projects are made available to the general public through this protocol to avoid loading servers, and to reduce their costs and number. For example, most Linux distributions, a free and open source legal operating system, are offered for download via the P2P protocol, nothing bad and illegal in that! Switching to ours, downloading from torrents is illegal as long as we download commercial content with copyrights such as music, movies, games, software. If we do, however, we must be very careful how we do this and be very careful about what we are offered for download. What we download is not always what we want. It is best to avoid these methods of obtaining content as much as possible and to remain legal by using software for free or trial alternatives, for music on sites that distribute music under a Creative Commons license, for movies and Entertainment on sites. like YouTube and others like. Insufficient money or standard of living in Romania is not an excuse to pirate because there are alternatives. When we avoid the alternatives and refuse to use them, we can no longer talk about the lack of money and the excuses are useless. That being said, I can only invite you to watch the video tutorial

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Enjoy !

Adrian Burlugeanu....

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  1. METRONIC said

    bravo, it's very good that you encouraged us, I wonder why I don't close the sites that are good at "it"

  2. LucianGL said

    I watched the jumps, too much talk for me… I did NOT see anything to say about the preview, especially for movies this is super useful and the vlc player does it successfully

  3. useless.

    • je_bogdan said


      maybe for you, for others it

    • daniel:

      That's right! The phase is that the viruses are for the Gascons

      • Iulian:
        My comment is ..., waiting, like not showing the post or post ... who knows?

        Iulian: Right! ... Thing is that virusiisunt for drake

        You have very little to the entrance of the club of 3000 banned, I see you have no patience!

        • Dany2335 said

          Dany2335: Even for drake?? Do not ever know what could have intampla.Torrent is one of the most popular servers in the imps, put his tail. Heed: Pay attention to the comments from those who have it tested before you , the number of Sidari (if an unusually seedari have to go with the thought that something may be childish, wrong, wrong). At pluses, minuses to everything. Forget an example: I have this happened with 2010 Ofiice keygen isoHunt took off when I open the archive I double click on the executable immediately 6 Avast blocked me in and have a malware el.Repet faceti.Va please note that you can put data IPs, files in danger, nay Life can be more computer viruses that you install on a universal basis of fake codecs, can burn the HDD and I are in danger inselaciunilor.Acei rog.Sau respective site administrator will collect data as it was the tutorial and you risk losing money + add datoriilor.Pericoul out by almost all forms.

          PS: These viruses are for the site administrators. We are smarter that they decrease the number of visitors by over 50% and they look good on the site. We only look at the "Be original!" Platform, don't be mistaken by a few steamers .Good luck!!!!!!!!

  4. je_bogdan said

    Good Adrian really needed this tutorial because often try to remove one another from the torrents and I happened to pull me who knows what wonderful with passwords and other traps like this.
    I saw a blog that had a name similar to the site as a boy made a video tutorial on how to make a virus that deletes the Windows system 32. can that be? or a pale?

  5. je_bogdan said

    ţineţi_o so on are a site 10 note!
    I saw that other site_uri just want to be copied but not out anything they want to emulate even how to speak
    In my opinion it should be original not copy others sa_i

  6. alexgeo008 said

    Very good warning!

    and still no 2 stuff if you can:
    1. I left a comment on some problems encountered in wordpress ilive
    2. I sent a mail form contcat about buying a canon multifunction printers around £ 300. If you could answer my post and enlighten me solve problems in wordpress would be great.

    Thanks again, you do a great job with the tutorials.

  7. It is unnecessary that Adrian has lost time to tells you what not to do?
    Tutorial bun.Dar this is really why I was not looking for a film released?

    • AdrianGudus said

      It is unnecessary that Adrian has lost time to tells you what not to do?
      This tutorial is really bun.Dar, why would I look for a movie that was not released?

      It was just an example. Tepe same kind of movies that you can take and have a good time when they were launched. It is enough to be a little careless or do not know what to look when you download something.

  8. My brother is super ok this tutorial. many people are hitting the problem that you have all my appreciation for your work. BAFTA

  9. My comment is ..., waiting, like not showing the post or post ... who knows?

  10. Adrian does not go Sandbox instead of virtual box, thanks in advance
    You are the coolest tutorials in lum sait of video discs, Tineto so on.

  11. Super tutorial it! Thank you! But when you say the end of the tutorial about virtual box.Am and I have a problem with virtual box, you want to install Windows warns me that my virtual box can damage your PC while giving me even acum.Si two options, the first is "aniway continue" and the other says "STOP instalation." And I gave him instalation.Dar stop before I installed it successfully, and do not know why it gives me error asta.Ma Give him a tutorial on how to install virtual box.

    • je_bogdan said

      Super tutorial it! Thank you! But when you say the end of the tutorial about virtual box.Am and I have a problem with virtual box, you want to install Windows warns me that my virtual box can damage your PC while giving me even acum.Si two options, the first is "aniway continue" and the other says "STOP instalation." And I gave him instalation.Dar stop before I installed it successfully, and do not know why it gives me error asta.Ma Give him a tutorial on how to install virtual box.

      has already done several tutorials about virtual box and in them he even explained what "continue instalation and stop instalation" means there you have to give continue to go

  12. Hello
    Please nice people at team to answer some questions I can ask?
    1.Cum resets the BIOS?

    2.De you have to remove everything from the PC when you reinstall the OS?
    Thank you

  13. Very good tutorial ;)

  14. bugmafia2000 said

    super tutorial, these Tepe are also found on youtube: I tried to download a game, and I gave the link description text Alora, and actually could not find the desired game, rather a cluster of games, but could not find the game that cluster iin

  15. Most of the vulnerabilities in WMP were in version 11 of Vista (which is also installed on XP as an update)… in WMP12 in Windows 7 almost all such problems have been solved (it also has the option to disable script execution). Printscreen

  16. as it is called that song from inceoutul tutorial (intro)

  17. Matthew said


  18. True, but not entirely!
    There are "n" foreign / Romanian trackers that are full of viruses and only hurt you. But there are also very good trackers where access is made only by invitation. Personally I have two accounts on two serious trackers and I did not take never viruses and have both accounts for two ani.Asa not all sites with torrents are Fake give the vast majority are .
    PS I did not name sites that do not advertise.

    Good luck!

  19. marinescu77 said

    Adriane welcome a good job, so I will help and people who can not stay away so note 10 + tinetio all, my thanks.

  20. Majestik said

    Honestly I seemed useless tutorial.

  21. make a tutorial on notepad + + and other about IZArc

  22. nicutataee said

    most who look at this site do not even have a card… .see others com: bravo! , you are the strongest ,,, what good is it

  23. I also have a question, do you know how to delete themes from windows? I installed a windwos pack3 xp has a lot of themes and they are awful I want to leave only the ones from xp "default, silver, green". Which can help me…

  24. How is called the song from the beginning videotutorialului?

  25. Very useful tutorial! Thank you for the advice given! Can you make a tutorial on what viruses are, how big / dangerous is how can we avoid them!?

  26. Mihai Ionescu said

    Very Discovery rules tips thank you personally!
    I would have a suggestion. to show us how to use the "RETURNIL" program correctly
    thank you in advance

  27. Very good tutorial. I haven't come across such a resume yet, but if I do, I know how to avoid it! I read other comments here, some are also stupid: "viruses are for Gascans", when the virus will spread and he will also be "Gascon", no one gets rid of the virus. And I saw another comment in which someone asks if peripheral things are removed (printers, scanners, webcams, etc.) when installing an operating system… (especially windows)?

  28. Cornel70 said

    Ptr. those who say that this tutorial is useless I would like to submit that not everyone is an expert in computers, downloading torrents and other things related to the net, you do not like, do not find anything interesting, looking for other sites that are on measure your intelligence and let others less known to learn something from ABC secrets of surfing the net or computer.
    Here I learned about Revo Uninstaller, Acronis, automatic connection to RDS and many more we do not know neither I nor my friends.
    VIDEOTUTORIAL thank you keep going.

  29. I liked the tutorial, it was a very interesting tutorial with many things that many of us did not know.

  30. tibyarad said

    Interesting and I gave the virus this week.
    It was also pretty attached a picture about piracy.
    Sounds like: Copyng is not piracy
    Under appears 2 same picrura and children who are happy and they just write COPYNG
    Other children 2 one gun and a child's blood killed the other kid says he's a pirate and stole hand painting.
    It's amusing image can be found on:
    The image itself is not virus only program that is near it's virus.
    After it's funny image that's really funny and you're convinced that piracy do not you thunder with a virus without knowing

    Some tips that give you is to not click on anything that you suspect

    If you give all saved passwords click or entered from the keyboard, you will empty the bank accounts and the entire collection you will find on youtube porn wife / mistress / mother / dog. Inevitably you will be fired, divorce wife wins at home and you'll be a homeless alcoholic.

    In addition, and perhaps most important, you permanently lose all respect lamentations inept community that try to convince you that you're human and not pumpkin will be ignored.

    🙂 stima

  31. very good tutorial if you may still make other tutorials like this I thank you for araati us how to uses a computer training program and other settings that are Discovery rules are ok

  32. A good tutorial bravo!

  33. Thank you ! I really liked this tutorial and I want to say that I also suffered the phase with a password to the movie archive. I also have a Virtual Box… but it never crossed my mind that I could test my programs with its help so as not to virus my PC but a virtual machine. Thank you again !

  34. Aaa… and the intro from the beginning how did you do it? I know for sure that you did the tutorial with Camtasia Studio 7, and you can also find the music in the program from the beginning. But the intro… also with Camtasia?

  35. axelluny said

    ADRIANE, you did very well to make all users aware of these possible dangers. I can say that whenever I have encountered something like this, that is, viruses in torrents or false torrents, I have done everything I can to warn others that it is useless to download them. I did this by using bit comet which has this facility to post comments and rate torrents. There is also the possibility to preview a video file, and a password archive should instantly give I liked the fact that you listed all the possible dangers that can result from these torrent discharges. Personally, I did not rise with special pretensions when discharging a torrent, knowing that in the last instance it is about "goodwill" some people and that's it.

  36. I can not see your videoclipele why?

  37. RazvanNervosu said

    I have a question that really PLEASE THE WHOLE soul My answer me ... these windowsuri the torrent .. given to us free, can not be infected with keyloghere? or all sorts of viruses? but these games us?

    • AdrianGudus said

      I have a question that really PLEASE THE WHOLE soul My answer me ... these windowsuri the torrent .. given to us free, can not be infected with keyloghere? or all sorts of viruses? but these games us?

      Ooo, yes, most of them are infected with keyloggers or Trojans or other "nations" of viruses. Not to mention that many games are fake. It makes you go through all sorts of bizarre steps to get I don't know what activation code. The world of piracy, of torrents is a cruel world, it is a jungle and you never know what to download if you don't have some knowledge to guide you, to detect, to suspect a torrent, operating system, malicious game.

  38. Anonymous said

    Hello, well not agree with what he says are the man who created this site, I mean the subject of torrents and download them, also no need to respect the fact that the authors, copyrighted, give it on, the asta.Netul is ours users, besides that pay a sum of money to use it, well, we belong, we have rights on it and we use each for what we want: news, movies, Music, Games, Software, Software and Documentation on it, work home or working Online Business Etc.In conclusion, we are free to do what we want him, no one has the right to spy on us that we do on the internet, or for that Download it from illegal or not, anyway you can try other programs as legal and safe torrents have to search on the net, I am agree with the owner of the site on free alternatives, and unfortunately that is the only legal FREEWARE aaa and more is open source

  39. We really can be targets of many people who want money I buy games torrent singuru I trust it filelist bur I'm glad you're doing good tutorials luck

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