Causes for a slow computer, let's see what it has!

Causes for a slow computer
Causes for a slow computer

What is this "Slow Computer Causes" tutorial about?

In this video tutorial you will see some causes for a slow computer, here I am talking about the reasons why a PC is moving badly, I have also provided solutions to fix the problems that lead to a slow Windows PC.

Causes for a slow computer?

It uses the original Windows

Download original Windows 10

Download Windows 10 ISO

20 reasons why your PC is no longer fast

  1. Use a hard drive instead of an SSD
  2. You have programs that require heavy storage
  3. You forgot to optimize your storage devices
  4. Check the HDD or SSD for errors
  5. Clean the disk of unused files (disk cleanup)
  6. Increase the amount of RAM
  7. Check RAM health (Memtest86 tutorial)
  8. Uninstall unnecessary programs
  9. Update the programs you use frequently
  10. Update bios (Asus bios update)
  11. Check your browser settings and extensions
  12. Don't open too many tabs in your browser at the same time
  13. Use antivirus software that does not consume too much resources
  14. Scan antimalware with gen programs Malwarebytes
  15. Don't leave too many seed files in uTorrent
  16. Don't leave Steam open in the background (make updates all the time)
  17. It is very important to have your PC components properly cooled
  18. Be respectful of Windows Update, because it has a habit of running a lot in the background
  19. Check the drivers, have them all installed and updated
  20. Do not leave peripheral devices that you do not use, or which make your PC difficult to use when connected.

Useful tutorial

  1. Acer BIOS update, black screen bug
  2. Online bios update for Windows Gigabyte motherboards with @ Bios
  3. Update BIOS for Gigabyte
  4. Install NVMe SSD on older motherboards
  5. Checking RAM Memtest86 (crash games, pc restart, overclock)
  6. MemTest86 +, an application for testing the RAM from a CD or USB stick

Video Tutorial - Causes for a Slow PC

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